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Date of IssueTitle Authors
Mar-2005 The 8-kDa dynein light chain binds to p53-binding protein 1 and mediates DNA damage-induced p53 nuclear accumulationLo, Wai Hong; Kan, Ho-Man; Chan, Ling-Nga; Xu, Wei-Guang; Wang, Ke-Peng; Wu, Zhenguo; Sheng, Morgan; Zhang, Mingjie
2000 A 900MHz CMOS balanced harmonic mixer for direct conversion receiversZhang, Zhaofeng; Chen, Zhiheng; Lau, Jack
1999 A 900-MHz CMOS bandpass amplifier for wireless receiversLeung, Lap Chi
1997 An AAL3/4-based architecture for interconnection between ATM and cellular networksJiang, Shengming; Tsang, Danny H. K.; Chanson, Samuel T.
Apr-1994 Abatement of particulate emissions from diesel-powered engines : a reviewMa, Jian Xin; Fang, Ming
2000 The "abc" conjecture over function fieldsHu, Pei Chu; Yang, Chung-Chun
2002 Abduction in logic programming : a new definition and an abductive procedure based on rewritingLin, Fangzhen; You, Jia-Huai
2005 Aboav-Weaire law in complex network and its applications in bioinformaticsMa, Chun-Wai
2008 Aboav-weaire law in higher shells and its extension to directed networksAu, Kevin Ka-Wai
May-2002 Absence makes the mind grow sharper : effects of element omission on subsequent recallSengupta, Jaideep; Gorn, Gerald J.
Mar-2000 Absence makes the mind grow sharper : element omission and product recallSengupta, Jaideep; Gorn, Gerald J.; Goldberg, Marvin E.
Aug-2005 Absence of conductance in a double-chain tight-binding model for DNA with random sequence of nucleotidesXiong, Gang; Wang, Xiang-Rong
2012 An absolute 3D measurement method using a 2D pattern based on digital moiréLiao, Jiarui
1999 Abstract voronoi diagram in 3-spaceLê, Ngoc-Minh
Jun-2005 Abundance and sources of ambient dioxins in Hong KongTung, Joanne Wai Ting; Yu, Jianzhen; Lau, Alexis Kai-Hon; Louie, Peter K. K.
2010 Accelerated genetic algorithms with Markov ChainsWang, Guan; Chen, Chen; Szeto, Kwok-Yip
Dec-2009 Accelerated gradient method for multi-task sparse learning problemChen, Xi; Pan, Weike; Kwok, James Tin-Yau; Carbonell, J. G.
Dec-2009 Accelerated gradient methods for stochastic optimization and online learningHu, Chonghai; Kwok, James Tin-Yau; Pan, Weike
2012 Accelerating genome sequence analysisLu, Mian
2012 Accelerating genomic sequence compression with graphics processorsTan, Yuwei
2012 Accelerating site frequency spectrum estimation with graphics processorsZhao, Jiuxin
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