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Date of IssueTitle Authors
Apr-2005 A mutual anonymous peer-to-peer protocol designHan, Jinsong; Liu, Yunhao; Xiao, Li; Xiao, Renyi; Ni, Lionel M.
2001 The MV3R-tree : a spatio-temporal access method for timestamp and interval queriesTao, Yufei; Papadias, Dimitris
2010 Myocardial postconditioning by danshen-gegen decoction : the role of mitochondriaWong, Sze Man
2003 A nameless but active religion : an anthropologist’s view of local religion in Hong Kong and MacauLiu, Tik-Sang
2005 Nano-bridge testing method for mechanical characterization of individual nanotubes and nanowiresWang, Yong
2001 Nanoengineering of layer-by-layer assembled thin films and the applications in bioanalysisYang, Wenjun
Oct-1999 Nano-indentation and nano-scratch of polymer - glass interfaces : part II: model of interphases in water aged composite materialsHodzic, A.; Kim, Jang-Kyo; Stachurski, Z. H.
Oct-1999 Nano-indentation of polymer - glass interfaces : part I: experimental and mechanical analysisHodzic, A.; Stachurski, Z. H.; Kim, Jang-Kyo
2007 Nano/micro particle-based functional composites and applicationsPeng, Suili
2011 Nano/micro particle based microfluidic droplet manipulation and applicationZhang, Mengying
2001 Nanoscale characterisation of interphase in silane treated glass fibre compositesKim, Jang-Kyo; Sham, Man-Lung; Wu, Jing-Shen
1998 Nanoscale confined biomimetic catalysts : synthesis, characterization and catalysisZhan, Bi-Zeng
1997 Nanoscale confined template synthesis of fiber-like LiCoO2 in carbon nanotubes : synthesis and characterizationWang, Wen-Lou; Li, Xiao-Yuan
2003 A nano-scale double-gate flash memoryYuen, Kam Hung
Aug-2008 Nanoscale epitaxial lateral overgrowth of GaN-based light-emitting diodes on a SiO2 nanorod-array patterned sapphire templateChiu, C. H.; Yen, H. H.; Chao, C. L.; Li, Z. Y.; Yu, Peichen; Kuo, H. C.; Lu, T. C.; Wang, S. C.; Lau, Kei May; Cheng, S. J.
1997 Nanostructural study of luminescent porous polycrystalline siliconPoon, Vincent M. C.; Han, P. G.; Sin, Johnny K. O.; Wong, H.
2002 Nanostructure characterization by transmission electron microscopyChan, Yu Fai
2011 Nanostructured carbons and their electrical transport characteristicsShi, Wu
2006 Nanostructured environmental catalysts for carbon monoxide and volatile organic compounds removalHo, Ka Yee
2012 Nano-structured platform for highly selective, sensitive and quantitative electrochemical detection of small redox-active cellular messengers in aqueous buffer solution with biological interferrentsWong, Tsz Lun
1-Dec-2008 Narrowband biphoton generation near atomic resonanceDu, Shengwang; Wen, Jianming; Rubin, Morton H.
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