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Date of IssueTitle Authors
1999 Dynamic signal control for congested trafficChan, Y. C.; Lo, Hong-Kam; Chang, Elbert
2012 Dynamics of acoustically actuated droplet breakup and manipulation in a flow-focusing microfluidic deviceCheung, Yin Nee
2002 Dynamics of bacterial community in Hong Kong watersTsoi, Man Yee
1998 Dynamics of composite functionsPoon, Kin-Keung; Yang, Chung-Chun
1998 Dynamics of composite mappingsHu, Pei Chu; Yang, Chung-Chun
2010 Dynamics of continuous attractor neural networksFung, Chi Chung
2010 Dynamics of dissolved oxygen and benthic release of nutrients in the bottom water layer in shallow versus deep areas in Hong Kong watersChong, Kit Yee
1999 Dynamics of learning in information processingTong, Yiu Wai
18-Sep-2008 Dynamics of neural networks with continuous attractorsFung, Alan C. C.; Wong, Michael Kwok-Yee; Wu, Si
2007 Dynamics of nutrients and phytoplankton biomass and production in Hong Kong watersHo, Yam Tat
1996 The dynamics of patrilineal descent : property transfer in a Chinese lineage villageChan, Kwok Shing
26-Apr-2012 Dynamics of phytoplankton community structure in the South China Sea in response to the East Asian aerosol inputGuo, Cui; Yu, J. Z.; Ho, T.-Y.; Chen, B; Wang, L; Song, S; Kong, L L; Liu, Hongbin
2009 Dynamics of price cycles in agent-based models of financial marketsJin, Binping
Dec-2007 Dynamics of random laser and coherent backscattering of light from ZnO amplifying random mediumSun, T.; Qiu, Z. R.; Su, Hui Min; Zhang, X. D.; Zhang, Zhao Qing; Wong, George K. L.; Wong, Kam-Sing
2010 Dynamics of simplified wealth game without market makers and the testing of the evaluation sensitivity investment schemeCheung, Wai Yip
Oct-1992 Dynamics of synaptic transfer in living and simulated neuronsStiber, Michael; Segundo, Jose P.
2003 Dynamics of transcendental entire functionsWang, Xiaoling
2012 Dynamic structures of iodine molecules accommodated in nanopores of zeolite crystalsHu, Juanmei
2001 Dynamic system resource management of scalable multiparty videoconferencingShiu, Hoi Nam
1997 Dynamic techniques for task scheduling on intel paragonLau, Ying Kit
2004 Dynamic threshold call admission control policy of multi-service wireless cellular networks : a statistical approachKeung, Yik
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