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Date of IssueTitle Authors
2003 Query processing in spatial network databasesPapadias, Dimitris; Zhang, Jun; Mamoulis, Nikos; Tao, Yufei
1997 Quick simulation model development method for assembly systemsCheung, Phoenix M. F
Nov-1996 Quorumcast routing by multispace searchDu, Bin; Gu, Jun; Tsang, Danny H. K.; Wang, Wei
6-Oct-1997 Racial nationalism and China's external behaviorSautman, Barry
Sep-1998 Racial stereotype activation in a social context : the effects of imagining a social interaction on concept accessibility , judgments and overt behaviorReid, Landon D.; Wyer, Robert S.
2000 The radial velocities of axisymmetric jets and plumesChen, Ying
2002 Radiobiosynthesis of paralytic shellfish toxins in the dinoflagellate alexandrium tamarenseLi, Pilong
Mar-2005 Rainfall-induced slope failure considering variability of soil propertiesZhang, L. L.; Zhang, Limin; Tang, Wilson H.
2012 The rain-making sacrifice of the Zhou DynastyTse, Chui Yiu
1999 The Raman and absorption spectra of carbon nanotubes confined inside zeoliteChan, Wai Yee
2009 Raman characterization of iodine nanostructures formed in channels of an A1PO[subscript 4]-11 single crystalPeng, Wei Wei
2010 Raman-electromechanical coupling of SWCNT coated single glass fibers for sensor applicationsLiu, Li
11-May-1998 Raman scattering and photoluminescence of ZnSxTe1−x mixed crystalsLiu, N. Z.; Li, G. H.; Zhu, Z. M.; Han, H. X.; Wang, Z. P.; Ge, Wei-Kun; Sou, Philip Iam-Keong
Jul-2005 Raman spectra and thermal stability analysis of 0.4 nm freestanding single-walled carbon nanotubesTang, Zi-Kang; Ye, J. T.
2010 The random conductance model with Cauchy tailsZheng, Xinghua; Barlow, Martin T.
Aug-1998 Randomized data structures for the dynamic closest-pair problemGolin, Mordecai J.; Raman, Rajeev; Schwarz, Christian; Smid, Michiel
Jan-2007 Random sampling for continuous streams with arbitrary updatesTao, Yufei; Lian, Xiang; Papadias, Dimitris; Hadjieleftheriou, Marios
2009 Random walk in networks : first passage time and speed analysisLau, Hon Wai
Dec-2004 Range aggregate processing in spatial databasesTao, Yufei; Papadias, Dimitris
Jan-2001 Range and annealing behaviour of Pb+ ions implanted into LiNbO3 crystals at moderate energiesChen, Feng; Hu, Hui; Zhang, Jian-Hua; Liu, Xiang-Dong; Xia, Hui-Hao; Shi, Bo-Rong; Wang, Ke-Ming
7-Aug-2000 Range straggling and lateral spread of MeV Au+ ions in LiB3O5 and SiN1.375H0.603Wang, Ke-Ming; Shi, Bo-Rong; Cue, Nelson; Meng, Ming-Qi; Lu, Fei; Wang, Feng-Xiang; Li, Wei; Shen, Ding-Yu
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