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Date of IssueTitle Authors
1999 Utilization of volatile acids by Alcaligenes Eutrophus for production of biodegradable thermoplasticsYu, Jian; Ruan, Wenquan
2000 Utterance verification of Chinese long and short keywordsLam, Kwok Leung
2008 UV-activated surface modification of photo-cleavage polymer for contact printing applicationsChan, Edward K. L.; Yang, Cheng; Yuen, Matthew Ming-Fai
Jul-2003 Validity information retrieval for spatio-temporal queries : theoretical performance boundsTao, Yufei; Mamoulis, Nikos; Papadias, Dimitris
2004 Valuation of employee reload options in utility maximization frameworkKwok, Yue Kuen; Lau, Ka Wo
Mar-2007 Valuation of guaranteed annuity options in affine term structure modelsKwok, Yue Kuen; Chu, Chi Chiu
1996 Value distribution theory and complex dynamicsHu, Pei Chu
Nov-1995 The value of information processingWathieu, Luc
Jan-2002 The Value of multilateral trade liberalization and the need for third-party sanctionChen, Kong-Pin; Qin, Cheng-Zhong; Qiu, Larry Dongxiao
2007 The value of political connections : evidence from China's anti-corruption campaignHou, Xiaoyang
2003 Valuing employee reload options under time vesting requirementDai, Min; Kwok, Yue Kuen
1996 Variable bit rate video transmission over ATM networksLauderdale, John
2007 Variable liquid crystal pretilt angles by nanostructured surfaces and their applicationsYeung, Fion Sze Yan
Jun-2007 Variable liquid crystal pretilt angles generated by photoalignment of a mixed polyimide alignment layerHo, Jacob Y. L.; Chigrinov, Vladimir G.; Kwok, Hoi-Sing
1998 Variable speed playback system for speech and audio signals (and topics in video processing)Wong, Hon Wah
2008 Variable strength activation of coolant for precision grindingZhou, Shengyin
2000 Variable voltage scheduling for multi-processor-core systems using single supply voltageChan, Kai Kin
Oct-2000 The variant selection criteria in single-crystal CuAlNi shape memory alloysZhang, X. Y.; Brinson, L. C.; Sun, Qing-Ping
1997 Variants of prefix-free codesChan, Sze-Lok
1999 Variation of the functional attachment bridge groups on the properties of liquid-crystalline polyacetylenesLam, Wing Yip; Kong, Xiangxing; Tung, Man Kin; Lee, Pui Sze; Tang, Ben-Zhong
Mar-2005 Various reference speakers determination methods for embedded kernel eigenvoice speaker adaptationMak, Brian Kan-Wing; Ho, Simon
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