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Date of IssueTitle Authors
1999 Effect of preparation conditions of Au-Mn co-precipitates for low temperature CO oxidationLee, Seung-Jae; Gavriilidis, Asterios; Pankhurst, Quentin A.; Kyek, Andreas; Wagner, Friederich E.; Yeung, King-Lun
1999 Effect of process cooling history on the interphase structure/properties relationship in carbon fibre/peek compositesGao, Shang-Lin; Kim, Jang-Kyo
2000 Effect of sludge fasting and feasting on growth of activated sludge culturesYip, Wai Keung
2003 Effect of strain gradient on the nucleation of martensite in rod under tensionWu, Xiaoxia
2007 Effect of surface conditions on DNA detection sensitivity by silicon based bio-sensing devicesWang, Ting
Oct-2006 Effect of tapered FRP sheets on interlaminar fracture behaviour of FRP-concrete interfaceGao, Bo; Kim, Jang-Kyo; Leung, Christopher K. Y.
1999 The effect of thermal history on the interphase structure of PS/HDPE/SBS blendLi, J. X.; Chan, Chi-Ming; Gao, Bo; Wu, J.
1998 Effect of TLCP melt structure on processability of TLCP/PE blendsChan, Chi-kwong
2008 Effect on regression coefficients with measurement error or categorization on covariatesWong, King Ho
2004 Effector regulation domains on G[alpha]16 and their role in the activation of phospholipase C[Beta] and other effectorsYu, Yan Mei
2002 The effects due to disorder in the applications of photonic band gap materialsKwan, Kai-Cheong
Aug-2000 The effects of analyzing reasons for brand preferences : disruption or reinforcement?Sengupta, Jaideep; Fitzsimons, Gavan J.
1999 Effects of an E-GMA-MA copolymer on the crystallization temperature of the PET in the PET/PC blendsTang, H. S.; Wu, Jing-Shen
Oct-1998 Effects of attitude expression versus dissimulation on attitude strengthJohar, Gita Venkataramani; Sengupta, Jaideep
2006 Effects of axial load, shielding and shape on negative skin friction on pilesLam, Sze Yue
2002 Effects of background music, voice cues, earcons and gender on psychological ratings and heart rates during product selection on a gift and a mobile phone Web storesZeng, Jing
2009 Effects of bromide on formation and speciation of halogenated disinfection byproducts in drinking water chlorinationZhao, Quan
1997 Effects of callable feature on early exercise policyYu, Wing Ching
Jun-1996 Effects of color as an executional cue in advertising : they're in the shadeGorn, Gerald J.; Chattopadhyay, Amitava; Yi, Tracey; Dahl, Darren W.
2000 The effects of colour on time perception in computer mediated environmentsTripathi, Shashank D. P
1998 Effects of component commonality on inventory and service level in a multi-stage assembly systemWang, Wei
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