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Date of IssueTitle Authors
1998 Edge scaling of soap frothSzeto, Kwok-Yip; Tam, Wing-Yim
Jul-1994 Edge states in antiferromagnetic quantum spin chainsNg, Tai-Kai
Aug-2003 Edgeworth expansion for U-statistics under minimal conditionsJing, Bing-Yi; Wang, Qiying
2004 Editing explosion simulationsFong, Heung Wah
15-Sep-2002 Education and growth instrumental variables estimatesCook, David E.
2012 Effective and scalable methods for debugging concurrent software systemsHuang, Shaoming
1998 Effective construction of physically based virtual environmentsZhang, Xiaoke
1996 An effective cross-talk isolation structure for power IC applicationsChan, Wai Tien
2010 Effective detection of atomic-set serializability violations in multithreaded programsLai, Zhifeng
2003 Effective dimensions of hierarchical latent class modelsZhang, Nevin Lianwen; Kočka, Tomáš
2012 Effective discovery of order-preserving submatricesFang, Qiong
Oct-2001 An effective feature-preserving mesh simplification scheme based on face constrictionWu, Jian-Hua; Hu, Shi-Min; Tai, Chiew-Lan; Sun, Jia-Guang
6-Jan-2009 Effective Henry’s law constants of glyoxal, glyoxylic acid, and glycolic acidIp, Ho Sai Simon; Huang, Xiaohui Hilda; Yu, Jianzhen
Jun-2010 Effective joining of pre-cast concrete slabs with self-compacting HSFRCCCheung, Angus K.F.; Leung, Christopher K.Y.
2013 Effective keyword search on large scale graphs in a distributed systemLi, Mengyu
2008 Effective medium theory for elastic metamaterials and wave propagation in strongly scattered random elastic mediaWu, Ying
2010 The effectiveness and mechanistic study of using EDDS for metal extraction from contaminated soilsYip, Chi Man
2008 The effectiveness of environmental protests in China : a study of 53 casesLi, Siliang
14-May-2013 Effective rate control for video encoding and transcodingAu, Oscar C.; Ho, Chi-Wang
1998 Effect of antioxidants derived from Chinese medicinals on myocardial ischemia reperfusion injury in ratsYim, Tsz Kin
2003 The effect of bile salts on expression from the pil and rci promoters associated with the type IVB pilus-encoding operon of salmonella enterica serovar typhiCheung, Fei Wai
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