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Date of IssueTitle Authors
Jun-1997 Unidirectional motion compensated temporal interpolationTang, Chi Wah; Au, Oscar C.
2008 Unified constitutive parameters for statically compacted clayZhu, Xiujuan
2009 A unified framework for sub-stream scheduling in P2P hybrid streaming systems and how to do better?Li, Zhenjiang; Yu, Yao; Hei, Xiaojun; Tsang, Danny H. K.
2011 Unified framework for the dynamic effective properties of elastic meta-materialsYang, Min
Jul-2004 A unified picture of the scaling and non-scaling behavior in quantum hall plateau transitionsWang, Xiang-Rong; Xiong, Gang; Niu, Q.
2002 A unified view on association and classification mining and its applicationsMeretakis, Dimitrios
1996 Uniqueness and value sharing of meromorphic functionsLi, Ping
Apr-1999 Uniqueness of non-Archimedean entire functions sharing sets of values counting multiplicityCherry, William; Yang, Chung-Chun
1994 A uniqueness theorem for meromorphic functions whose N-th derivatives share the same 1-pointsYi, Hong Xun; Yang, Chung-Chun
2008 Uniquimer 3D, a software system for structural DNA nanotechnology design, analysis and evaluationZhu, Jinhao
2006 Unitarily invariant geometry on Grassmann manifoldShen, Hongrui
2004 Unitarily invariant metrics on the Grassmann spaceQiu, Li; Zhang, Yanxia; Li, Chi-Kwong
1998 United front policy in practice : a case study of the China democratic league, 1939-1949Yip, Tin Sang
2005 Universal features of personality traits from the observer’s perspective : data from 50 culturesMcCrae, Robert R.; Terracciano, Antonio; Personality Profiles of Culture Project including Yik, Michelle
Aug-2003 Universal lattice decoding : principle and recent advancesMow, Wai Ho
2012 University presidents' career concerns and the allocation of education resources in ChinaXie, Jiaxin
2010 Unloading and reverse yielding of a finite cavity in a bounded cohesive-frictional mediumZhao, Jidong; Wang, Gang
2012 Unruh effect and radiation reactionWong, Yiu Wing
2005 Unsteady friction under the influence of external flows, and the implications to transient-based leak detection methodsNixon, William
2004 Unsteady pipe friction : formulation of efficient models and investigation of existing modeling assumptionsZhao, Ming
5-Feb-2007 Unusual carrier thermalization in a dilute GaAs1−xNx alloyTan, P. H.; Xu, Z. Y.; Luo, X. D.; Ge, Wei-Kun; Mascarenhas, A.; Xin, H. P.; Tu, C. W.
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