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Date of IssueTitle Authors
Apr-2001 Updating robust reliability using structural test dataPapadimitriou, Costas; Beck, J. L.; Katafygiotis, Lambros
2012 Urban scene parsing with images and scan dataZhang, Hong-hui
2000 The use and effect of Cantonese sentence particles in students' e-mails : the emergence of a 'cyber-creole'?James, Gregory C. A.
2008 Use of actively cooled and activated coolant for surface quality improvement in ductile material grindingGao, Yong-Sheng; Lai, H.
2006 Use of actively cooled megasonic coolant for precision machiningLai, Honkeung
1996 Use of bias term in projection pursuit learning improves approximation and convergence propertiesKwok, Tin-Yau; Yeung, Dit-Yan
2004 The use of biomarkers in assessing ambient airborne bacteria and fungiLee, Alex King Yin
2013 The use of discrete distributions with a very large codebook for automatic speech recognition and speaker verificationYe, Guoli
2002 The use of ER targeted aequorin to study store-operated Ca²⁺ inflow in a liver cell lineChan, Man Yee
1995 Use of hybrid biological system to maximize waste treatment capacityFung, Leonard K. L
Jul-2010 Use of incineration MSW ash : a reviewLam, Charles H. K.; Ip, Alvin W. M.; Barford, John P.; McKay, Gordon
1998 Use of in situ measurements and satellite remote sensing in multidisciplinary marine studiesKester, Dana R.
6-Aug-2008 Use of marine fungus originated compounds as antifouling agentsQian, Peiyuan (錢培元); Li, Xiancui (李憲璀); Kwong, Fuk Ning (鄺福寧); Yang, Lai Hung (楊麗紅); Dobretsov, Serguei Vladimirovich
4-Sep-2012 Use of marine fungus originated compounds as antifouling agentsQian, Peiyuan; Li, Xiancui; Kwong, Fuk Ning; Yang, Lai Hung; Dobretsov, Serguei
2001 The use of open-face explants to study localized Ca²⁺ signalling during neural induction in Xenopus laevis embryosLee, Michelle
2008 Use of polymer/organoclay nanocomposite surface treatment as water/ion barrier for concreteLeung, Christopher K. Y.; Zhu, Honggang; Kim, Jang-Kyo; Woo, Ricky S. C.
2003 The use of prosodic features in Chinese speech recognition and spoken language processingWong, Jimmy Pui Fung
1997 The use of random amplified polymorphic DNA markers in studying the genetic variations of abalones (Haliotis SPP.) in ChinaKei, Lik Wai
2007 Use of ValRS-IleRS interparalog distance for the analysis of the phylogenetic relationships between methanopyrus isolates from the atlantic, pacific and indian oceansYu, Zhiliang
Feb-1999 The use of visual mental imagery in new product designGorn, Gerald J.; Chattopadhyay, Amitava; Dahl, Darren W.
2008 The use of waste-derived paste as daily cover materials for enhancing geo-environmental performance of sanitary landfillsNg, Kelvin Tsun Wai
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