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Date of IssueTitle Authors
2000 Scene movement : an importance cause of cybersicknessSo, Richard H. Y.; Lo, W. T.; Ho, Andy T. K.
2000 Scheduling algorithm design for wireless ATMChan, Wing-Chuen
1999 Scheduling and managing variable-length message transmission on WDM optical networksMa, Maode
2008 Scheduling for in-network sensor query processingWu, Hejun
1996 Scheduling multimedia documents in a distributed systemAhmad, Ishfaq; Lai, William Yat Ming; Li, Bo; Deng, Xin
2005 Scheduling optical packet switches with reconfiguration delayLi, Xin
2002 Scheduling periodical deliveries to minimize fleet sizeRong, Aiying
1997 Scheduling strategies for Interactive Video-On-Demand serviceTo, T. P. Jimmy
1996 Scheduling with deadlines in synchronous networks with given link capacitiesNgok, Derek Hing-leung
2012 Schisandrin B elicits a glutathione antioxidant response and the associated hepatoprotection via the redox-sensitive signaling pathwayLeong, Pou Kuan
Jul-2008 Schisandrin B Enhances Cerebral Mitochondrial Antioxidant Status and Structural Integrity, and Protects against Cerebral Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury in RatsChen, Na; Chiu, Po Yee; Ko, Kam Ming
8-Jul-2008 Schisandrin B preparationKo, Robert K. M.
2-Oct-2007 Schisandrin B preparationKo, Robert K. M.
12-May-2009 Schisandrin B preparationKo, Robert K. M.
2010 Schsandrin B enhances glutathione antioxidant status in rat skin tissue and human skin fibroblastsYan, Chung Wai
2001 Screening of proteins interacting with the cytoplasmic tail of transmembrane neuregulinsCheng, Yuen Shan
7-Feb-2009 A Screw-actuated pneumatic valve for portable, disposable microfluidicsZheng, Yizhe; Dai, Wen; Wu, Hongkai
Jun-2007 An SC voltage doubler with pseudo-continuous output regulation using a three-stage switchable opampLee, Hoi; Mok, Philip
2007 Sea depth measurement with restricted floating sensorsYang, Zheng; Li, Mo; Liu, Yunhao
2001 Seamless integration of data mining with DBMS and applicationsLu, Hongjun
Oct-2002 Search algorithms for multiway spatial joinsPapadias, Dimitris; Arkoumanis, Dinos
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