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Date of IssueTitle Authors
May-2003 Imaging intercellular calcium waves during late epiboly in intact zebrafish embryosWebb, Sarah E.; Miller, Andrew L.
2012 Imaging of mitochondria and lipid metabolism using multi-modal microscopeZhang, Wei
Jan-1999 Imaging of multicellular large-scale rhythmic calcium waves during zebrafish gastrulationGilland, Edwin; Miller, Andrew L.; Karplus, Eric; Baker, Robert; Webb, Sarah E.
2000 Imaging patterns of calcium transients during neural induction in Xenopus laevis embryosLeclerc, Catherine; Webb, Sarah E.; Daguzan, Christiane; Moreau, Marc; Miller, Andrew L.
2011 Immobilization-free electrochemical DNA-based bio-analysisLuo, Xiaoteng
1997 Immobilization of pseudomonas cells for dye degradationTse, Siu Wah
1998 Immunogenicity of swine immunoglobulin G based chimeric protein for Foot-and-Mouth Disease in swineChan, Wai Ching
Oct-2000 The impact of competition and labor remuneration on profitability in China’s industrial state-owned enterprisesHolz, Carsten A.
2000 The impact of corporate ownership and group structures on analyst forecast error and analyst following in East AsiaBai, Minghe
2001 Impact of dynamic virtual and real objects on perception of hazard and riskNg, Pun Wai
2006 The impact of favor-elicited feelings on reciprocity behavior across timeFong, Pun San
2007 The impact of flexibility-enhancing human resource management practices on firm adaptability : the meidiating [sic] role of absorptive capacityChang, Song
1998 The impact of kinetic processes on morphology of epitaxial growthChung, Wah-Fuk
2011 The impact of migration on education of children left behind : evidence from rural ChinaYu, Shanshan
2005 The impact of mobility on call admission control and scheduling in wireless networksZhang, Meng
Dec-1995 The impact of music on consumers' reactions to waiting for servicesHui, Michael K.; Dube, Laurette; Chebat, Jean-Charles
1998 The impact of NQS simulation on RF IC design with a particular emphasis on low noise amplifiersTsui, Hau Yiu
2007 The impact of radio signal strength on the design of wireless sensor networksMa, Jian
2002 The impact of the liability-asset ratio on profitability in China’s industrial state-owned enterprisesHolz, Carsten A.
2000 The impact of WTO accession on China's inward foreign direct investmentXiao, Qian
2010 Impacts of digital inequality on civic and political participationMan, Charles Chi Wai
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