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Date of IssueTitle Authors
2005 Bayesian nonparametric methods for some econometric problemsLau, Wai Kwong
Mar-2001 Beating the trap of financial repression in ChinaLi, David D.
1996 Beat scaling factors in classical music performanceKo, Ho Yuen
2009 The beauty of DNA architecture : the design and applications in DNA nanotechnologyWei, Diming
27-Nov-2000 Behavioral strategies in repeated pure coordination gamesZwick, Rami; Rapoport, Amnon; Lo, Alison King Chung
Jan-1999 Behaviour analysis of distributed systems using the tracta approachGiannakopoulou, Dimitra; Kramer, Jeff; Cheung, Shing-Chi
2006 Behaviour of concrete beams reinforced with hybrid FRP composite rebarsTsang, Terry Kin Chung
2001 Behaviour of excavated rectangular piles (barrettes) in granitic saprolitesLei, Guohui
2004 Behaviour of large-diameter bored pile groups with defectsWong, Eric Yi-wai
2006 Behaviour of pile groups subjected to torsionKong, Linggang
2013 Behaviour of saturated and unsaturated coarse widely graded soils under low confining pressuresZhao, Hongfen
2001 Behaviour of unsaturated loosely compacted weathered materialsChiu, Chung Fai
2005 Beijing hua kou yu yu qi ci <a<, <ba<, <ma<, <ne< de yan jiuMao, Sheng (冒晟)
2001 Being global versus being Chinese : a case study of returned students in Hong KongLai, Wan-Wa
2012 Bei Song yuan hua de shi, hua guan xi yan jiuTang, Lok Yan (鄧樂欣)
2007 Benchmark generation in a new frameworkLi, Xi
1999 Benefit distribution and equity in road network design problemsMeng, Qiang; Yang, Hai
2006 The benefits of delayed product differentiation : a study in ChinaWang, Xianyi
1993 Benzo-fused metalloporphyrins and metallotetraaza-tetrabenzoporphyrins : vibrational characterization by a local-to-global strategyKong, Hippocrates H. K
Jan-2000 The Berry-Esséen bound for studentized statisticsJing, Bing-Yi; Wang, Qiying; Zhao, Lincheng
2012 Berry-Esseen bounds for studentized statistics by Stein's methodZhang, Kan
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