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Date of IssueTitle Authors
1995 Large-scale automatic extraction of an English-Chinese translation lexiconWu, Dekai; Xia, Xuanyin
2003 Large-scale laboratory and in-situ field tests on cemented rubber chips (rubber-soil) as pavement sub-baseCheung, Kwai Wah
2011 Large-scale peer-assisted online hosting, distribution and video streaming systems : design, modeling and practiceLiu, Fangming
2008 The large scale peer-to-peer (P2P) live streaming in the InternetXie, Susu
2004 Large-signal characterization/modeling and linearization techniques for RF power amplifiersChan, kwong Fu
2002 Larval biology and ecology of a non-indigenous species, the slipper limpet crepidula onyxZhao, Bin
2010 Larval settlement and metamorphosis of pseudopolydora vexillosa (polychaeta : spionidae) and organic enrichment to coastal benthic sedimentMok, Flora Siu Yan
1995 Laser action and weak photon localization in random scattering media with gainTse, Aaron C. O
26-May-1998 Laser interferometer system for straightness measurementsCai, Li-Long; Zhang, Jihua
27-Apr-2009 Lasing from dye-doped icosahedral quasicrystals in dichromate gelatin emulsionsKok, Mang Hin; Lu, Weixin; Tam, Wing Yim; Wong, George K. L.
Apr-2008 Lasing from dye-doped photonic crystals with graded layers in dichromate gelatin emulsionsKok, Man Hin; Lu, Weixin; Lee, Jeffrey Chi Wai; Tam, Wing-Yim; Wong, George K. L.; Chan, Che-Ting
2010 Latent factor models for statistical relational learningLi, Wu-Jun
Oct-2004 Latent structure models and diagnosis in traditional Chinese medicineZhang, Nevin Lianwen (張連文); Yuan, Shihong
2012 Latent tree models : an application and an extensionPoon, Kin Man
2009 Latent tree models for multivariate density estimation : algorithms and applicationsWang, Yi
2003 Latent variable discovery in classification modelsZhang, Nevin Lianwen; Nielsen, Thomas D.; Jensen, Finn V.
Apr-2009 Latent Wishart processes for relational kernel learningLi, Wu-Jun; Zhang, Zhihua; Yeung, Dit-Yan
2004 Lateral error recovery for application-level multicastWong, Kin-Fung
2004 Laterally coupled hexagonal micro-pillar resonator add-drop filters for optical communicationsMa, Ning
Nov-2004 Laterally coupled hexagonal micro-pillar resonator add-drop filters in silicon nitrideMa, Ning; Li, Chao; Poon, Andrew Wing On
2000 Lateral stiffness optimization of composite tall frameworksCheng, Lijuan
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