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Date of IssueTitle Authors
1998 Path dictionary : a new approach to query processing in object-oriented databasesLee, Wang-Chien; Lee, Dik Lun
1999 Path index on OODB using object range treesXu, Jin
31-Jan-2003 A path integral derivation of χy-genusMeng, Guo-Wu
2008 Path problems in anisotropic regionsWang, Yajun
2009 Pathwise sensitivity estimation for expectations of discontinuous functionsLiu, Guangwu
2003 Pattern formation in reaction diffusion mechanism implemented with a four layer CMOS cellular neural networkLuo, Tao
31-Aug-2011 Patterning cell using Si-stencil for high-throughput assayWu, Jinbo; Zhang, Mengying; Chen, Long-Qing; Yu, Vivian; Wong, Joseph T. Y.; Zhang, Xixiang; Qin, Jianhua; Wen, Weijia
Jun-2009 Pattern-push : a low-delay mesh-push scheduling for live peer-to-peer streamingChan, Shueng-Han Gary; Zheng, Guifeng; Luo, Xiaonan; Begen, A. C.
2007 Patterns of mobilization of social capital of laid-off workers in ChinaXu, Yan
Dec-2001 Patterns of shyness in East-Asian and European heritage studentsPaulhus, Delroy L.; Duncan, Jacqueline H.; Yik, Michelle
2011 Pax7BP, a novel Pax7-binding protein, bridges Pax7 and the H3K4 histone methyltransferase complex and mediates the expression of Pax7 target genes in myoblastsDiao, Yarui
1998 A PC-based virtual reality system for facility layout designChung, German K. M.; So, Richard H. Y.; Lee, Neville Ka-Shek
1997 P-chiral phosphine oxide ligands for asymmetric catalysisHaynes, Richard K.; Au-Yeung, Terry Tin-Lok; Chan, Wai-Kuen; Lam, Wai-Lun; Li, Zhi-Yi; Yeung, Lam-Lung
2006 Pctaire1 phosphorylates N-ethylmaleimide sensitive fusion protein and regulates exocytosisLiu, Yuxin
2009 PDMS based microfluidic chips and their application in material synthesisGong, Xiuqing
2011 PDMS-based microfluidic platforms for chemical analysis and high-throughput screeningZhou, Jianhua
2011 PDMS-based smart materials and their applications in microfluidicsWang, Xiang
2011 PDZ domain containing proteins in cell polarityChen, Jia
1999 Pearl River Estuary Pollution Project (PREPP) - an integrated approachChen, Jay-Chung; Lee, Ophelia C. W.; Chan, Wai-Man
1997 Peasants and farmland use in the agricultural area of Jiangsu Province : a case study of five villagesCai, Yongshun
2009 Pedestrian-level wind environment around buildings--with special reference to the effects of building dimensions, building separation and podium structureTsang, Chun Wang
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