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Date of IssueTitle Authors
Aug-2006 Temporal effects of agent aggregation in the dynamics of a competing populationWong, Michael Kwok-Yee; Yeung, Chi Ho
1997 Temporal interpolation algorithms for video codingTang, Chi Wah
10-Apr-2009 Temporally shaping biphoton wave packets with periodically modulated driving fieldsDu, Shengwang; Wen, Jianming; Belthangady, Chinmay
2001 Temporal relationship between cytochrome c release and mitochondrial swelling during UV-induced apoptosis in living HeLa cellsGao, Wenhua; Pu, Yongmei; Luo, Kathy Q.; Chang, Donald C.
2006 TEM studies of calcium phosphates for the understanding of biomineralizationXin, Renlong
2011 TEM study of the growth mechanism, phase transformation, and core/shell structure of semiconductor nanowiresWong, Tai Lun
1998 Tensile failure of short fiber-reinforced compositesMu, B.; Li, Zongjin
1998 Tensile strain hardening behavior of cementitious composites reinforced with short steel fibresLi, F. M.; Li, Zongjin
2005 Termination criteria for and behaviour of jacked piles in completely decomposed graniteChan, Fai
Dec-2005 Testing a linear MA model against threshold MA modelsLing, Shi-Qing; Tong, H.
2010 Testing for complete independence in high dimensions : a Berry-Esseen boundChen, Yanchu
2001 Testing instances of design patternsNg, Tsz Hin
2005 Testing interest rate models for China's repo marketZhao, Huimin
Dec-2001 Testing linearity in cointegrating smooth transition regressionsChoi, In; Saikkonen, Pentti
2010 Testing strategy in discovering faults in workflowTing, Cham Ho
May-2004 The tetrameric L27 domain complex as an organization platform for supramolecular assembliesFeng, Wei; Long, Jiafu; Fan, Jing-Song; Suetake, Tetsuya; Zhang, Mingjie
2000 Text-independent speaker identification and verificationTsoi, Pang Kuen
2010 Theoretical analysis and experiments of single cell electroporation using MEMS technologyYin, Guangyao
2004 Theoretical analysis of calcium phosphate precipitation in simulated body fluidLu, Xiong; Leng, Yang
Nov-1993 Theoretical analysis of constructive neural networksKwok, Tin-Yau; Yeung, Dit-Yan
5-Mar-1996 Theoretical analysis of the heterogeneous dynamic load balancing problem using a hydro-dynamic approachHui, Chi-Chung; Chanson, Samuel T.
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