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Date of IssueTitle Authors
2001 Data hiding in halftone images by stochastic error diffusionFu, Ming Sun; Au, Oscar C.
Jan-2001 Data hiding in halftone images with parity codingFu, Ming Sun; Au, Oscar C.
2001 Data hiding in ordered dithered halftone imagesFu, Ming Sun; Au, Oscar C.
Jan-2001 A data hiding technique in JPEG compressed domainWong, Hon Wah; Au, Oscar C.; Wong, Wai Chuen
2003 Data hiding watermarking for halftone imagesFu, Ming Sun
2003 Data indexing in heterogeneous multiple broadcast channels environmentHo, Andrew Yin Fai
2010 Data mining in finance (multiple features & leading stocks based prediction)Wong, Pong Ching
Jan-1994 Data transferability : estimating the response effect of future events based on historical analogyVanhonacker, Wilfried R.; Price, Lydia J.
27-May-2003 Data transmission systemKo, Tsz-mei; Liou, Ming L.; Cheung, Kwan-Fai; Cheng, Roger; Hu, Bo; Qu, Donghui
2002 Dating the chapters in Guanzi : evidence from historical linguistics perspectivePhua, Chiew Pheng
2005 Dative constructions and their extensions in archaic Chinese : a study of form and meaningPhua, Chiew Pheng
2006 Davidson's charity in the context of Chinese philosophyFung, Yiu-Ming
2004 DBP formation from chlorination of water containing ammonia, bromide and organic nitrogenYang, Xin
2012 DCUDP : a novel UDP for reliable transmission in data center networksYe, Lisha
Jun-1996 Deactivation of catalysts by chemical poisons : final reportFang, Ming; Lau, Ngai Ting; Zhou, Wai; Li, Ping; Yip, W. S.
1997 Dealing with multilinguality in a spoken language query translatorFung, Pascale N.; Shi, Bertram; Wu, Dekai; Lam, Wai Bun; Wong, Shuen Kong
1997 Decaying turbulence in two and three dimensionsChasnov, Jeffrey R.
Dec-2009 Decentralised final value theorem for discrete-time LTI systems with application to minimal-time distributed consensusYuan, Ye; Stan, Guy-Bart; Shi, Ling; Gonçalves, Jorge
2013 Deceptive advertising and consumer online reviewXu, Sheng
2006 Deciding stay claims of Chinese illegal immigrant : a study of the immigration official's exercise of discretion in Hong Kong, 1980 to 1996Tsang, Christina Yuk Ching
2000 Decision tables : scalable classification exploring RDBMS capabilitiesLu, Hongjun; Liu, Hongyan
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