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Date of IssueTitle Authors
1999 Neuronal cyclin-dependent kinase 5 activator isoform, p39n̳c̳k̳¿a̳i̳, in mammalian brainChun, Abel Chiu Shun
2002 Neuropharmacological and neurochemical characterization of memory enhancing effects of bis(12)-huperin, a novel dimeric acetylcholinesterase inhibitorHo, Chi Ming
2004 Neuroprotective effects and mechanisms of Bis(12)-hupyridone on the glutamate-induced apoptosis in cerebellar granule neuronsChan, Hugh Hiu Nam
2002 Neurotoxic mode of action of artemisininSchmuck, Gabriele; Roehrdanz, Elke; Haynes, Richard K.; Kahl, Regine
4-Apr-2006 Neurotrophin NT-7 from carpIp, Nancy Y.; Lai, Kwok On
1-Mar-2005 Neutral nanoparticle-based displayWen, Wei-Jia; Weisbuch, Claude; Phuong, Do Mai; Lu, Gang; Ge, Wei-Kun; Chan, Che-Ting; Sheng, Ping
2000 New algorithms for two-label point labelingQin, Zhongping; Wolff, Alexander; Xu, Yin-Feng; Zhu, Binhai
1996 New approaches to fractal image and very low bit-rate video compressionMa, Lam Kun
Sep-2006 A new approach in measuring Cu-EMC adhesion strength by AFMWong, Cell K. Y.; Gu, Hongwei; Xu, Bing; Yuen, Matthew Ming-Fai
2000 A new approach to supplier selection based on process capability and price analysisLau, Ellis Wai Choi
Oct-1994 A new brand choice model incorporating a choice set formation processVanhonacker, Wilfried R.
1998 A new BTN LCD with high contrast ratio and large cell gapXie, Z. L.; Gao, H. J.; Chang, B. Z.; Xu, S. Y.; Kwok, Hoi-Sing
18-Mar-2005 New capital estimates for ChinaHolz, Carsten A.
1999 New catalysts for polymerization of substituted acetylenesXu, Kaitian; Peng, Han; Tang, Ben-Zhong
1996 A new characteristics based method for open channel transient flow computationDel Core, Robert Carmen Edward
2007 The new Chinese working class in struggle : a case study of collective action in gemstone industryLeung, Pak Nang
1998 A new color image compression algorithm based on DCT and hierarchical data structureNg, Alan Chi Kit; Zeng, Bing
1996 A new conductive polymer composite prepared by sintering of a mixture of carbon black and ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene powderCheng, Chi Leung
2008 A new constrained shape deformation operator with applications in footwear designXu, Ying
2007 New control-plane architecture for QoS-guaranteed InternetChu, Jian
1997 A new driving scheme for reflective bistable cholesteric liquid crystal displaysYu, F. H.; Kwok, Hoi-Sing
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