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Date of IssueTitle Authors
2007 Pareto-improving and revenue-neutral congestion pricingLiu, Yang
2002 The parsing of extended context-free grammarsBrüggemann-Klein, Anne; Wood, Derick
2013 Partial Imitation Hinders Emergence of Cooperation in the Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma with Direct ReciprocityAntony, Mathis A.; Wu, Degang; Szeto, Kwok-Yip
2010 Partial imitation rule in iterated prisoner dilemma game on a square latticeWu, Degang; Antony, Mathis A.; Szeto, Kwok-Yip
2011 Partial information, noise and network topology in 2x2 games with memoryAntony, Mathis Aurelius
2007 Partial mobile webpage adaptationLo, Kwok Chu
Oct-2009 Partial video encryption based on alternating transformsAu Yeung, Siu-Kei; Zhu, Shuyuan; Zeng, Bing
2003 Participation and empowerment : an ethnography of Miao women in rural ChinaWong, Chau Ying
2010 Part I Ruthenium complexes with an oxygen tripodal ligand ; Part II Metal complexes with functionalized cyclometalated ligandsLai, Chun Sing
2008 Partitioning customers using overlapping segmentation methodsZheng, Rong; Tuzhilin, Alex
2004 Party adaptation to the competitive pluralistic environment : a case study of the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment of Hong KongYu, Ka Man
2004 Party-group relations in Hong Kong : comparing the DAB and the DPKwong, Hoi Ying
2000 Party institutionalization in Hong Kong transition : a study of the FrontierKwok, Gavin Man Kit
2006 Party sponsorship and political incorporation : Communist Party membership and social stratification in urban ChinaGuo, Maocan
2002 Parzen-window network intrusion detectorsYeung, Dit-Yan; Chow, Calvin
2003 PASA : power adaptation for starvation avoidance to deliver wireless multimediaChen, Jiancong; Chan, Shueng-Han Gary; Zhang, Qian; Zhu, Wen-Wu; Chen, Jin
Feb-2007 Passivation effects of aluminum on polycrystalline silicon thin-film transistor with metal-replaced junctionsZhang, Dongli; Wong, Man
Dec-1996 Passive control of suspension bridges under multi-mode buffeting vibrationChang, Chih-Chen; Gu, M.; Tang, K. H.
2008 Passive diagnosis for wireless sensor networksLiu, Kebin; Li, Mo; Liu, Yunhao; Li, Minglu; Guo, Zhongwen; Hong, Feng
2012 Passive failure and deformation mechanisms due to tunnelling in sand and clayWong, Kwong Soon
1993 Passive navigation by cooperative fusion of stereo and motionHo, Anthony Yuk-kwan
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