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Date of IssueTitle Authors
2007 A learning approach to spam detection based on social networksLam, Ho-Yu
2004 A learning-based approach to false alarm reduction for signature-based intrusion detection systemsCheung, Chun-Hom
2012 Learning-based human activity recognitionHu, Hao
2007 Learning-based localization in wireless and sensor networksPan, Junfeng
2000 Learning based Web query processingDiao, Yanlei
2007 Learning-based Web query understandingShen, Dou
2008 Learning bilingual semantic framesWu, Zhaojun
23-Feb-2012 Learning Commons at HKUST LibraryWong, Gabrielle K. W.
Mar-2010 Learning deep rhetorical structure for extractive speech summarizationZhang, Justin Jian; Fung, Pascale N.
2001 Learning domain-specific control information in Planner-R to improve its performanceLau, Wai Kay
2003 Learning hierarchical latent class modelsZhang, Nevin Lianwen; Kočka, Tomáš; Karciauskas, Gytis; Jensen, Finn V.
Apr-1993 Learning in neural models with complex dynamicsStiber, Michael; Segundo, Jose P.
2009 Learning mobile robot control for obstacle avoidance based on motion energy neuronsGao, Minqi
Jun-2003 Learning strategies in Hong Kong's service industriesBaark, Erik
Jul-2007 Learning the kernel matrix by maximizing a KFD-based class separability criterionYeung, Dit-Yan; Chang, Hong; Dai, Guang
2011 Learning to predict protein location and network properties via knowledge transferXu, Qian
Oct-2008 Learning two-view stereo matchingXiao, Jianxiong; Chen, Jingni; Yeung, Dit-Yan; Quan Long
2011 Learning with limited data in sensor-based human behavior recognitionZheng, Wenchen
Jun-1996 Least-loaded-first dynamic multicast routing for single rate loss networksCheung, Chi-Chung; Tsang, Danny H. K.; Gupta, Sanjay; Chu, Hon-Wai
Sep-2007 LED-based projection systemsYu, Xing-Jie; Ho, Jacob Y. L.; Tan, L.; Huang, Ho-Chi; Kwok, Hoi-Sing
2007 LEEM investigations of adsorption and diffusion of CO on the Pt(111) surfaceYim, Chi Ming
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