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Date of IssueTitle Authors
1994 Very low bit rate segmented video coding for visual telephonySum, Anthony K. W
2001 Vesicular and tubular nanoassemblies of an helical amphiphilic polyacetyleneLi, Bing Shi; Cheuk, Kevin Ka Leung; Chen, Junwu; Xiao, Xudong; Bai, Chunli; Tang, Ben-Zhong
1993 Vibrational characteristics of metalloporphyrinsAu, Stanley Y. Y
1993 Vibrational structures of metallo- and free-base octaethyltetraazaporphyrins, metallo-porphycenes, metallo-etioporphyrin-I from Resonance Raman, Fourier Transform Raman, Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopies, and normal coordinate analysisMak, Ronald S. W
2002 Vibration control of buildings using smart magnetorheological dampersZhou, Li
2007 Vibration energy scavenging and management for ultra low power applicationsLu, Chao
2009 Vibration measurement using videogrammetric methodXiao, Xinghua
2010 The victims of privatization : the case study of the link REIT in Hong KongSo, Sophia Lok Yee
Feb-1993 Victoria Harbour contaminated sediment study report (preliminary study)Hong, Huasheng
13-Jul-1997 Video annotation by motion interpretation using optical flow streamsSudhir, G.; Lee, John Chung-Mong
2008 Video coding using programmable graphics hardwareKung, Man Cheung
2006 Video content analysis and its applications for multimedia authoring of presentationsWang, Feng
2003 Video cosmetics : digital removal of blemishes from videoTsoi, Yau Chat
2007 Video denoising and error concealment for robust video communicationChen, Yan
2005 Video encoder complexity reductionChan, Ming-Yan
2007 Videogrammetric technique for structural dynamic applicationsJi, Yunfeng
2009 Video interpolation for deinterlacing and frame rate up conversionTu, Shing Fat
1995 Video modeling and performance analysis of ATM networksChung, Kwok-leung
Sep-2001 View-dependent deformation for virtual human modeling from silhouettesWang, Changling; Wang, Yu; Yuen, Matthew Ming-Fai
2002 View selection using randomized searchKalnis, Panagiotis; Mamoulis, Nikos; Papadias, Dimitris
2013 Viral spread models for multimedia content propagation in social networksSoysa, Dinuka Aminda
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