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Date of IssueTitle Authors
1998 Virtual prototyping for customized product developmentTseng, Mitchell M.; Jiao, Jianxin; Su, Chuan-Jun
1999 Virtual Reality-based Collaborative Evironment (VRCE) for effective product designKan, Ho Yin
1996 A virtual reality-based training system (VRTS) for CNC milling machine operationsHon, Cheuk Lun
Nov-2005 Virtual reference service : an overviewChan, Diana L. H.
Nov-2005 Virtual self-service : accessing HKUST Library's web resourcesChan, Diana L. H.
Feb-2009 Virtual surrounding face geocasting in wireless ad hoc and sensor networksLian, Jie; Liu, Yunhao; Naik, Kshirasagar; Chen, Lei
Sep-2006 Virtual surrounding face geocasting with guaranteed message delivery for Ad Hoc and sensor networksLian, Jie; Naik, Kshirasagar; Liu, Yunhao; Chen, Lei
2001 Viscous flow simulation using unstructured meshesChen, Cheng
2000 Visibility and global illumination in the presence of occluders with curved boundariesCheung, Chun Yu
Jun-1995 Visibility in semi-convex spacesSchuierer, Sven; Wood, Derick
1998 Visible blind photovoltaic UV detectorMan, Choi Lai
26-Mar-2002 Visible-blind UV detectorsSou, Philip Iam-Keong; Ma, Zhaohui; Choi, Lai Man; Yang, Zhi-Yu; Wong, Kam-Sing; Wong, George K. L.
20-Apr-2005 Visible-blind UV detectorsSou, Philip Iam-Keong (蘇蔭強); Ma, Zhaohui (馬朝暉); Man, Choi Lai (文彩麗); Wong, Kam-Sing (黃錦聖); Yang, Zhi-Yu (楊志宇); Wong, George K. L. (黃克倫)
Jun-2006 Visible surface reconstruction from normals with discontinuity considerationWu, Tai-Pang; Tang, Chi-keung
2012 Vision-based seam tracking system for robotic arc weldingYu, Chunhua
2010 Visual analysis of people's mobility pattern from mobile phonePu, Jiansu
2012 Visual analysis of relational patterns in multidimensional dataCao, Nan
2009 Visual clustering in parallel coordinates and graphsZhou, Hong
2009 Visual enhancement using multiple cuesChen, Jia
1996 Visualization and manipulation of 3D digital waveguide structures for sound experimentationRossiter, David Paul; Horner, Andrew B.; Baciu, George
Feb-2011 Visualization, characterization and modulation of Ca2+ signaling during the development of slow muscle cells in intact zebrafish embryosCheung, Chris Y.; Webb, Sarah E.; Love, Donald R.; Miller, Andrew L.
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