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Date of IssueTitle Authors
1997 Best effort service on ATM networksLee, Clarence Soul Chun
1995 A best-fit based fuzzy forecasting algorithm : principle and formulationTse, Wai Man
2005 Between-individual comparisons in performance evaluation : a perspective from prospect theoryWong, Ellick Kin Fai; Kwong, Jessica Y. Y.
2010 Beyond rigidity : obtain localizability with noisy ranging measurementWang, Xiaoping; Yang, Zheng; Luo, Jun; Shen, Changxiang
Mar-2010 Beyond triangle inequality : sifting noisy and outlier distance measurements for localizationJian, Lirong; Yang, Zheng; Liu, Yunhao
2009 Beyond trilateration : on the localizability of wireless ad-hoc networksYang, Zheng; Liu, Yunhao; Li, Xiang-Yang
2000 BGK Boltzmann models for free-surface water flows and contaminant transportDeng, Jiaquan
2003 BGK kinetic scheme for the shallow-water equationsQue, Yin Tik
2008 Bi and multi stable ferroelectric liquid crystal displaysLi, Xihua
Nov-1998 A bibliography of oceanographic and pollution studies in the Pearl River RegionGeermans, Suzanne H; Heinke, Gary W.; Hodgson, Gregor
Aug-2004 Bi-conic subdivision of surfaces of revolution and its applications in intersection problemsJia, Jinyuan; Tang, Kai; Joneja, Ajay
2002 Bi-directional integrated charge pump with switching low dropout regulatorChan, Chit Sang
1999 A bidirectional matching algorithm for deformable pattern detection with application to handwritten word retrievalCheung, Kwok-Wai; Yeung, Dit-Yan; Chin, Roland T.
21-Sep-2010 Biexponential theory of Drude dissipation via hierarchical quantum master equationTian, Baoling; Ping, Jinjin; Xu, Ruixue; Yan, Yijing
1997 Bifurcations in quantum systems : hydrogen ions and hydrogen atoms in parallel electric and magnetic fieldsZhao, Yong Liang
2000 Bilevel transportation modeling and optimizationMeng, Qiang
2006 Bimetallic reversed core-shell nanoparticles : electrochemical synthesis, characterization and applicationZhang, Zhifeng
2010 Bimodal character of induced anisotropy in granular materials under undrained shearGuo, Ning; Zhao, Jidong
2001 Bioaccumulation and elimination of trace metals in marine copepodsXu, Yan
2000 Bioaccumulation of cadmium, chromium and zinc in green mussel Perna viridis and Manila clam Ruditapes philippinarumChong, Kit
2001 Bioaccumulation of trace metals in mudskipper, Periophthalmus cantonensis and rabbitfish, Siganus canaliculatusChan, Sze Man
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