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Date of IssueTitle Authors
1997 Adaptive equalization and interference cancellation for TDMA wireless communication systemsLo, Chi-Wah
1997 Adaptive filtering for collision detectionShi, Bertram
2007 An adaptive framework for searching XML documentsLau, Ho Lam
Jun-1996 An adaptive generic sorting algorithm that uses variable partitioningCastro, Vladimir Estivill; Wood, Derick
Jun-2005 Adaptive genetic algorithm and quasi-parallel genetic algorithm : application to knapsack problemSzeto, Kwok-Yip; Zhang, Jian
Jan-2007 Adaptive genetic algorithm with mutation and crossover matricesLaw, Nga Lam; Szeto, Kwok-Yip
2004 Adaptive hash routing for a cluster of client-side web proxiesTang, Xueyan; Chanson, Samuel T.
27-Sep-1995 Adaptive heuristics for binary search trees and constant linkage costLai, Tony W.; Wood, Derick
2001 Adaptive importance sampling for estimating probability integrals in structural engineeringCabral, Sandro ValeĢrio de Souza
2002 Adaptive index structuresTao, Yufei; Papadias, Dimitris
2002 An adaptive measured-based preassignment scheme with connection-level QoS support for mobile networksLuo, Xiaoyuan; Li, Bo; Thng, I. L. -J.; Lin, Yi-Bing; Chlamtac, I.
2004 Adaptive multiple access and resource allocation with guaranteed QoS for broadband OFDM wireless networksZhang, Yingjun
Feb-2000 Adaptive neural networks for model updating of structuresChang, Chih-Chen; Chang, Paul Tse-Yung; Xu, Y. G.
2011 An adaptive-off-time 3V/14V boost converter with quasi-fixed-frequency in full loading rangeLee, Ming Chak
2002 An adaptive peer-to-peer network for distributed caching of OLAP resultsKalnis, Panagiotis; Ng, Wee Siong; Ooi, Beng Chin; Papadias, Dimitris; Tan, Kian-Lee
2004 Adaptive routing strategy for freight transportation networksCheung, Yuk Wai
May-2000 Adaptive spatial-subcarrier trellis coded MQAM and power optimization for OFDM transmissionWong, Kai-Kit; Lai, Sai Kit; Cheng, R. S-K; Letaief, K. B.; Murch, Ross David
1999 Adaptive sub-carrier, bit and power allocation for wireless multimedia using OFDM transmissionWong, Cheong Yui
Sep-1999 Adaptive tracking of optimal bit and power allocation for OFDM systems in time-varying channelsLai, Sai Kit; Cheng, Roger; Letaief, K. B.; Tsui, Chi-Ying
2002 Adaptive traffic control system : a study of strategies, computational speed and effect of prediction errorChow, Andy Ho Fai
1999 Adaptive trellis coded OFDM for high-rate data transmission in time-varying channelsLai, Sai Kit
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