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Date of IssueTitle Authors
1999 A 2-V 1.8-GHz fully-integrated CMOS frequency synthesizer for DCS-1800 wireless systemsKan, Kwok-Kei
1999 A 2-V 900-MHz monolithic CMOS dual-loop frequency synthesizer for GSM receiversYan, Shing Tak
2007 A 3.1-8.0 GHz MB-OFDM UWB transceiver in 0.18μm CMOSZheng, Hui; Lou, Shuzuo; Lu, Dongtian; Shen, Cheng; Chan, Tat Fu; Luong, Howard Cam
2000 3D data acquisition of sculptured objectLiu, Yifan
1998 3-dimensional foot digitizationHo, Cheuk Fan
2009 3-dimensional Heisenberg antiferromagnet in cubic lattice under time periodic magnetic fieldChan, Chi Hung
1996 A 3-dimensional perspective on integrated management of rules and objectsChiu, Dickson K. W.; Li, Qing
2010 3D measurement and color grading of diamonds based on machine visionRen, Zhiguo
2007 3D modeling from photometry and geometryTan, Ping
2002 3D object extraction and construction from image cuesWang, Yu
2006 3D packaging of multi-stacked flip chips with plugged through silicon vias for vertical interconnectionHon, Chi Kwong
2009 3D reconstruction and synthesis of facial expressions using a manifold alignment frameworkYu, Lap Fai
Jan-1998 3-D reconstruction of multipart self-occluding objectsJojic, Nebojsa; Gu, Jin; Shen, Helen C.; Huang, Thomas
1995 3-D silicon-based antiresonant reflecting optical waveguidesLam, Wai Yin
2008 3D spherical layer photonic band-gap structures in dichromate gelatinHung, Jenny
2006 3D structure computation from multiple viewsWei, Yichen
2002 3D surface reconstruction with digital moiréLo, Chi Fung
2007 3D vortex flows in micro capillary tubes with patterned surface chargesZhang, Peng
Sep-2001 3G mobile policy : the case of China and Hong Kong SARXu, Yan
30-May-2000 3-hydroxy-propanamine derived neuronal reuptake inhibitorsCarlier, Paul R.; Richelson, Elliott; Lo, Ching Kam; Lo, Man Chu
25-Aug-2004 3-Hydroxy-Propanamine derived neuronal reuptake inhibitorsCarlier, Paul R.; Richelson, Elliott; Lo, Ching Kam (盧程錦); Lo, Man Chu (盧文珠)
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