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Date of IssueTitle Authors
2001 On optimization of the decoding order, bit and power allocation of wireless communication systems with serial interference cancellationShum, Siu Man
2005 On option pricing between Hang Seng Index and its constituentsTsang, Chor Yiu
May-2004 On power managed multiple access control in and IEEE 802.11 based ad hoc wireless networkLin, Xiao-Hui; Kwok, Yu-Kwong; Lau, Vincent K. N.
2003 On predictive coded video : facilitating VCR functionality and error recoveryYang, Ruiduo
2000 On PRMA for wireless LANLai, Ka Chung
1995 On processing nested queries in distributed object-oriented database systemsLee, Wang-Chien; Lee, Dik Lun
2005 On processing spatial queries in mobile client/server environmentsZhu, Manli
2005 On product and process variety and the cost implicationsZhang, Mei
24-Dec-1997 On production functions, technical progress, and time trendsFelipe, Jesus; Holz, Carsten A.
Nov-1998 On production functions, technical progress, and time trendsFelipe, Jesus; Holz, Carsten A.
2008 On reducing mesh delay for peer-to-peer live streamingRen, Dongni; Li, Y.-T. Hillman.; Chan, Shueng-Han Gary
1997 On reversible subjectivity : Merleau-Ponty's ontology of the fleshMulcahy, William Brian
2007 On searching continuous k nearest neighbors in wireless data broadcast systemsZheng, Baihua; Lee, Wang-Chien; Lee, Dik Lun
1997 On self-deceptionKwan, Sui-Chi
1997 On semi-Eulerian 2-strata partially ordered setsLau, Man Kwong
2008 On solving the evaluation assignment and consolidation problemsMa, Hong
21-Aug-2011 ON-state critical gate overdrive voltage for fluorine-implanted enhancement-mode AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistorsMa, Chenyue; Chen, Hongwei; Zhou, Chunhua; Huang, Sen; Yuan, Li; Roberts, John; Chen, Kevin. J.
Nov-2004 On strategies of multi-user MIMO transmit signal processingChoi, Lai-U; Ivrlač, Michel T.; Murch, Ross David; Utschick, Wolfgang
2001 On strongest necessary and weakest sufficient conditionsLin, Fangzhen
2011 On the Archimedean local zeta integrals and L-factorsLin, Bingchen
2001 On the average complexity of 3D-Voronoi diagrams of random points on convex polytopesGolin, Mordecai J.; Na, Hyeon-Suk
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