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Date of IssueTitle Authors
2001 The declarative processing environment for dynamic process assemblyKurniawan, Agustino
2010 Decoding the collisions in RFID systemsKang, Lei
2006 Decomposition of current clinically-used artemisinin derivatives and preparation of polar artemisinin derivativesLung, Chung Man
Mar-1999 The decomposition of promotional response : an empirical generalizationBell, David R.; Chiang, Jeongwen; Padmanabhan, V.
2000 Decomposition on relational databasesDu, Zilin
28-Oct-2003 Deconstructing China's GDP statisticsHolz, Carsten A.
1996 Deep-probing microscopy of living tissueSchmitt, Joseph M.
24-Jan-2002 Defaultable convertible bonds : binomial calculationsKwok, Yue Kuen
24-Jan-2002 Default correlationKwok, Yue Kuen
Feb-2009 Defect formation and annealing behaviors of fluorine-implanted GaN layers revealed by positron annihilation spectroscopyWang, Maojun; Yuan, Li; Cheng, C. C.; Beling, C. D.; Chen, Kevin J.
Apr-2006 Defending against TCP SYN flooding attacks under different types of IP spoofingChen, Wei; Yeung, Dit-Yan
1995 Defining business constraints in relational databases using a semantic data modelHiga, Kunihiko; Ma, Pai Chun; Smith, Michael A.
1995 Defining face validityLi, Edward Siu-Leung
2012 Defining the role of ncbp-1 and ncbp-2 to regulate sensory ray identity in C. elegansWong, Julie Hiu Tung
1995 Deformable contours : modeling and extractionLai, Kok F.; Chin, Roland T.
1994 Deformable models for detection and classification of radicals in multi-font printed Chinese charactersWong, Daniel Man Ho
1998 Deformation field of CuA1Ni single crystal shape memory alloy : a study by using high sensitive Moiré interferometryXu, Terry Ting
2005 Deformation instability and morphology in shape memory alloy under stressFeng, Ping
Dec-2003 Deformation of DNA molecules by hydrodynamic focusingLee, Yi-Kuen
6-May-2005 Deformation of limit cycle under perturbationsChen, K. L.; Sun, Zhouzhou; Yin, S.; Wang, Y. Q.; Wang, Xiang-Rong
2004 Deformation of limit cycle under random perturbationsChen, Kwan-Lee
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