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Date of IssueTitle Authors
2004 A Lagrangian heuristic for winner determination problem in combinatorial auctionsTang, Jiqing
2000 Lai zi bian yuan de sheng yin : Ma Hua zuo jia zai TaiwanZhao, Yongbing (趙咏冰)
1999 Lamp modeling and design of IC controller for dimmable electronic ballastNg, Alex Tsz Kit
2002 Land pawning practices in republican China : theory and realityFang, Huirong
2009 Land reform in a North Zhejiang village : the role of 'exploitation' in class determination and land redistributionGu, Yanfeng
2009 Land rental market development in Rural ChinaChe, Yi
Jun-1996 Language learning in language exchange partnerships : an exploratory studyPemberton, Richard; Kasten, Keven S.
May-2004 'The language of business cases' - an interdisciplinary approach to teaching language at HKUSTChristopher, Elsie R.
2008 Language, reality and daohood : an exercise in comparative philosophyKwan, Sui Chi
2009 Lao Zhuang 'dao' yu 'wu wei' gai nian de dang dai quan shiLuk, Kei Yeung (陸基洋)
1998 Laozi si xiang ji qi dui Zhong Lü nei dan xue ying xiang zhi chu tanYuen, Hong-chau, (袁康就,)
2004 Large-grain polysilicon crystallization enhancement using pulsed RTACheng, C. F.; Leung, T. C.; Poon, Vincent M. C.; Chan, Mansun
1995 Large-scale automatic extraction of an English-Chinese translation lexiconWu, Dekai; Xia, Xuanyin
2003 Large-scale laboratory and in-situ field tests on cemented rubber chips (rubber-soil) as pavement sub-baseCheung, Kwai Wah
2011 Large-scale peer-assisted online hosting, distribution and video streaming systems : design, modeling and practiceLiu, Fangming
2008 The large scale peer-to-peer (P2P) live streaming in the InternetXie, Susu
2004 Large-signal characterization/modeling and linearization techniques for RF power amplifiersChan, kwong Fu
2002 Larval biology and ecology of a non-indigenous species, the slipper limpet crepidula onyxZhao, Bin
2010 Larval settlement and metamorphosis of pseudopolydora vexillosa (polychaeta : spionidae) and organic enrichment to coastal benthic sedimentMok, Flora Siu Yan
1995 Laser action and weak photon localization in random scattering media with gainTse, Aaron C. O
26-May-1998 Laser interferometer system for straightness measurementsCai, Li-Long; Zhang, Jihua
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