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Date of IssueTitle Authors
2001 Taylor coefficients of functions in the disc algebraYu, Chun Ling
2003 TCP and UDP performance for Internet over optical packet-switched networksHe, Jingyi; Chan, Shueng-Han Gary
2007 TCP performance analysis over aggressive physical carrier sensing based wireless local area networksZhang, Qian; Yang, Zexi; Zhu, Yanfeng; Niu, Zhisheng
2002 TCP performance with deflection routing in the InternetHe, Jingyi; Chan, Shueng-Han Gary
1997 TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) over wireless linksChan, Aldar Chun-fai; Tsang, Danny H. K.; Gupta, Sanjay
May-2004 Teaching enhancement by using simulated learning aids : interactive 3D animations of the 12 pairs of cranial nerves in the human brainTsim, Karl Wah-Keung; Li, Wing Sze Wanze; Chow, Christine C. L.; Tse, Catherine K. L.; Lee, H. Chun Chiu; Kei, Ross T. Y.; Tse, May T. Y.
May-2004 Teaching large classes of engineering studentsYoung, Ben; Lo, Irene Man-Chi
2002 Teaching package of thermodynamics in secondary schoolKo, Ngan-Nei
2008 Technological change and impact on employee behaviorLai, Chi Leung
2002 Technology, characteristics, and modeling of large-grain polysilicon MOSFETSingh, Jagar
1998 A technology-independent placement methodology for analog circuitsWong, Wai-chee
2002 Telecommunications regulation in Hong KongXavier, Patrick; Yan, Xu
1996 Telework : a diffusion of administrative innovationsSivakumar, V.; Higa, Kunihiko; Yen, Jerome; Bui, Tung X.
2001 Temperature and magnetic field dependent transports in granular structuresCheung, H. Y.; Ng, Tai-Kai; Hui, P. M.
2007 Temperature-compensated CMOS ring oscillator for power-management circuitsLeung, Ka Nang; Lo, Chun Hong; Mok, Philip; Mai, Yuan Yen; Leung, Wing Yan; Chan, Mansun
1994 Temperature effect on concrete bridgeWong, Jane Kin
2004 Template-based runtime invalidation of database-generated web contentsChoi, Chun Yi
2006 Tempo extraction using the discrete wavelet transformTsang, Kei Man
2008 Temporal and spatial profile of specific genes and effects of over-expressing mab21/2 in zebrafish eye developmentHo, Cheuk Chung
2011 Temporal and spatial variability of coastal upwelling in the Northeastern South China Sea : numerical modeling studyWang, Jingjing
Aug-2006 Temporal effects of agent aggregation in the dynamics of a competing populationWong, Michael Kwok-Yee; Yeung, Chi Ho
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