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Date of IssueTitle Authors
2001 Calibrating weighted Monte-Carlo method to American optionsLi, Jun
1999 Calibration and validation of network equilibrium taxi model for Hong KongWong, K. I.; Wong, S. C.; Yang, Hai
2007 Calibration of design methods for large-diameter bored piles for limit state design code developmentChu, Lai Fan
2010 Calibration of GPS trajectory datasetsZhang, Wei
Jan-2008 Calibration of models for pile settlement analysis using 64 field load testsZhang, Limin; Xu, Y.; Tang, W. H.
2006 Calibration of settlement analysis models for single piles and pile groupsXu, Yao
1995 Call admission control of teleconference VBR video traffic in ATM networksChu, Hon-Wai; Tsang, Danny H. K.; Yang, Tao
2002 Call admission control with quality of service guarantee for handoff users on uplink in DS-CDMA networks : single and multiple types of trafficTang, Yat Kwan
2003 Call level performance analysis for multi-services wireless cellular networksLi, Lizhong; Li, Bin; Li, Bo; Cao, Xiren
1998 Call level quality of service management in FCA-based wireless multimedia networksLai, Frederick Shiu-kai
2001 The candidate tumor suppressor ING1 disrupts p53-MDM2 interaction and stabilizes p53Leung, Ka Man
2003 Can technology transfer induce the south to sign international environmental agreements?Qiu, Larry Dongxiao; Yu, Zhihao
2000 Can the implied cost of capital from a mechanical earnings forecast model proxy the expected cost of capital?Lei, Ling
2001 Cantonese final particles <LEI<, <ZYU< and <LAA< : an aspectual studyYiu, Carine Yuk-man
2001 Cantonese particles in Hong Kong students’ English e-mailsJames, Gregory C. A.
1995 A capability-based activity specification and decomposition for an activity management systemHung, Patrick Chak Kuen
9-Jun-1998 Capacitively loaded PIFAMurch, Ross David; Rowell, Corbett Ray
1997 A capacitively loaded PIFA for compact mobile telephone handsetsRowell, Corbett Ray; Murch, Ross David
2006 A capacitive transducer for process and quality monitoring in injection moldingFung, Ka Tsai
2007 A capacitive transducer for solidification rate monitoring of polymer in injection moldingWong, Ho Yin
Feb-2010 A capacitor-less CMOS active feedback low-dropout regulator with slew-rate enhancement for portable on-chip applicationHo, Edward N. Y.; Mok, Philip
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