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Date of IssueTitle Authors
2002 General Riemann-Stieltjes integralsChiu, Mei Choi
Sep-2007 Generating strictly non-self-overlapping structured quadrilateral gridsLin, Hongwei; Tang, Kai; Joneja, Ajay; Bao, Hujun
7-Apr-2009 Generation of alginate microfibers with a roller-assisted microfluidic systemSu, Jing; Zheng, Yizhe; Wu, Hongkai
29-Apr-2005 Generation of electron entanglement in quantum dot systemsYin, S.; Sun, Q. F.; Sun, Zhouzhou; Wang, Xiang-Rong
21-Jan-2011 Generation of narrow-band hyperentangled nondegenerate paired photonsYan, Hui; Zhang, Shanchao; Chen, Jiefei; Loy, Michael M.; Wong, George K. L.; Du, Shengwang
1999 A generic bill-of-material based product data management systemChen, Shengjun
2001 A generic timing test framework for multimedia software testingXu, Zhendong
Jan-2009 A generic top-down dynamic-programming approach to prefix-free codingGolin, Mordecai J.; Xu, Xiaoming; Yu, Jiajin
1993 Genetic algorithm approach to motion estimation for video compressionChow, Keith Hung-kei
2007 Genetic algorithm based on heuristic rules for high-constrained large-size single-stage multi-product scheduling with parallel unitsHe, Yaohua; Hui, David Chi Wai
Mar-2007 Genetic algorithm for large-size multi-stage batch plant schedulingHe, Yaohua; Hui, David Chi Wai
1995 Genetic algorithm group additive synthesisCheung, Ngai-man
1997 Genetic algorithms on multiple time series predictionCheung, Kin Hong
2001 Genetically engineered antibodies targeting human liver cancer cellsXie, Yong; Cheng, Samuel Chak-Sum; Huang, Yi-Wei; Chu, Siu-Hong; Chan, Kin Tak; Xie, Hong
1998 Genetic and physiological studies of water stress and ABA signaling pathway in Dc3-GUS transgenic aba, abil and abi2 mutants of Arabidopsis thalianaChak, Kit Fong
2007 Genetic code mutants of bacillus subtilisMat, Wai Kin
Mar-2009 Genetic diversity and temporal variation of the marine Synechococcus community in the subtropical coastal waters of Hong KongJing, Hongmei; Zhang, Rui; Pointing, Stephen B.; Liu, Hongbin; Qian, Peiyuan
2008 Genetic polymorphisms in xenobiotic metabolism enzyme genes and their associations with colorectal cancer and breast cancer in Han Chinese populationLiao, Linghong
2008 Geochemical and biological controls of mercury availability from marine sedimentsZhong, Huan
2004 Geochemistry effect and competitive effect of TCE on the reactivity of zero-valent iron for chromium(VI) removalLam, Sze Chun
2011 Geodesic iso-contours, bisectors and voronoi diagrams on triangulated meshes and their applicationsChen, Zhanqing
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