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Date of IssueTitle Authors
2004 Numerical simulation of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) epidemicsLau, Yik-Chung
2011 Numerical simulations of stellar and planetary core convectionCai, Tao
2003 Numerical simulations on natural convection from a heated oscillating circular cylinderSu, Yan
2005 Numerical simulation study of ozone episodes in complex terrain and coastal regionHuang, Jian-Ping
1996 Numerical studies of finite temperature properties of quantum spin modelsChing, Yun-fai
2001 Numerical studies of finite temperature properties of the t-J modelChan, Siu-Keung
2001 Numerical studies of multiple NATM tunnel interaction in soft groundTang, Danise Ka Wa
1996 Numerical studies of phase separation and the rigid band approximation in the t-t'-U modelWong, Wing-kwan
2003 Numerical studies of steady flows past a circular cylinder bounded with endplatesKwan, Man Kim
2001 Numerical studies of the doped and undoped quantum dimer modelYu, Kam-Fung
1996 Numerical studies of the incomplete factorization preconditionersChiu, Chi K
1996 Numerical studies of transmission properties of disordered mesoscopic conductor and the bound state energies of dipole-excitonLi, Dan
2011 Numerical studies on ozone source apportionment and formation regime and their implications on control strategiesLi, Ying
2002 Numerical study of in-plane optical anisotropy for GaAs/AlAs superlattice in a uniform electric fieldJim, Kwok Lung
2006 The numerical study of roll-waves in inclined open channels and solitary wave run-upXu, Kun; Que, Yin-Tik
2007 Numerical study of solutions to Prandtl equations and N-S equationsHe, Qiaolin
2007 Numerical study of spin-1/2 models on the shastry sutherland latticeCheng, Yiu Fai
1994 Numerical study of the spin-1/2 J₁-J₃ modelLam, Ngar-wing
1998 A numerical study of transient heat conduction and solidification/melting of composite materialsWu, Man Wai
1999 Numerical study of two dimensional viscous astrophysical accretion diskHon, Dennis Kam Yuen
2009 Numerical study on seasonal variations of gaseous pollutants and particulate matters in Hong Kong/Pearl River Delta regionKwok, Roger Hiu Fung
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