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Date of IssueTitle Authors
2004 Deformation of limit cycle under random perturbationsChen, Kwan-Lee
1-Jun-2010 Degenerate two-beam phase conjugation in one-dimensional ZnS–YF3 photonic crystal with central defect modeWong, Tsz Chun; Wong, Kam-Sing
2006 Degradation of epoxy-clay nanocomposites after UV exposure and moisture attackWoo, Shui Cheung
May-2011 Degradation of glass fiber reinforced plastic composites containing nanoclay in alkaline environmentZhu, Honggang; Leung, Christopher K. Y.; Liu, Mingyang; Kim, Jang-Kyo
2008 The degradome of EGY1 metalloproteaseZhang, Jie
12-Dec-2007 Delaunay edge flips in dense surface triangulationsCheng, Siu-Wing; Dey, Tamal K.
2011 Delay and emissions modeling and optimal signal control strategies for signalized intersectionsZhu, Feng
2011 Delay-aware resource control in wireless communication systemsCui, Ying
2005 A delay model approach to analysing the performance of wireless communicationsLee, Kelvin Kai-wing
1996 A delay scheduling strategy for dynamic load balancing schedulersHui, Chi-Chung; Chanson, Samuel T.
Jul-2009 Delay tolerant event collection for underground coal mine using mobile sinksLuo, Ji; Zhang, Qian; Wang, Dan
Mar-2010 Delay tolerant event collection in sensor networks with mobile sinkXu, Xing; Luo, Ji; Zhang, Qian
2000 Delivering MPEG-4 based multimedia streams over ATM networksChan, Ka Man
2002 The demand for reparations and the grievances of war crime victims in ChinaCheung, Hok-wong
2008 Demand information in supply chain manangement [i.e. management]Li, Yongquan
2010 Democracy Is in Its Details: The 1909 Provincial Assembly Elections and the Print MediaChang, David C
21-Sep-1997 The demographics of demand instruments for production function estimationCook, David E.
30-Apr-2010 Demonstrating the strong geometry dependence of the Casimir force on a surface with deep, nanoscale corrugationsChan, Ho Bun; Bao, Y.; Zou, J.; Cirelli, R. A.; Klemens, F.; Mansfield, W. M.; Pai, C. S.
2012 DEM simulations of energy dissipation in sand and dynamic propertiesTong, Liwei
Jun-2005 Dense photometric stereo using a mirror sphere and graph cutWu, Tai-Pang; Tang, Chi-Keung
Jun-2005 Dense photometric stereo using tensorial belief propagationTang, Kam-Lun; Tang, Chi-Keung; Wong, Tien-Tsin
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