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Date of IssueTitle Authors
5-Mar-1996 Theoretical analysis of the heterogeneous dynamic load balancing problem using a hydro-dynamic approachHui, Chi-Chung; Chanson, Samuel T.
1999 Theoretical and empirical investigations of supply chain management in Hong KongLeung, Ka-fai
2007 Theoretical approach to circular-polarization-independence of microwave-induced resistance oscillations and zero resistance stateWang, Shenshen
2005 Theoretical approach to quantify influence of inherent anisotropy on undrained steady state strength of sandHo, Man Lee
2005 Theoretical investigation of high-Tc cuprate superconductors using t-J model : transport propertiesXia, Xiangjun
2013 Theoretical investigation of the protein regulation on the energy transfer in photosystem IIZhang, Lu
Aug-2006 Theoretical limit of the minimal magnetization switching field and the shape of a field pulse for minimal reversal time of Stoner particlesSun, Zhouzhou; Wang, Xiang-Rong
2001 Theoretical studies of [beta]-peptidesLin, Jin-Qiu
2004 Theoretical studies of biomacromolecules : collagen, collagen-like peptides & HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein GP120Quan, Jun-Min
2008 Theoretical studies of Diels-Alder reactions in natural product biosynthesisWee, Chorng Shin
1994 Theoretical studies of organic reactionsWong, Chui-ling
1994 Theoretical studies of organic reactionsLai, David K. W
2003 Theoretical studies of organometallic reactions in water and the mechanism and stereochemistry of hydrosilylation and hydroacylation reactionsChung, Lung Wa
2002 Theoretical studies of peptides : secondary structures of [alpha]-peptides & [gamma]-peptidesZhao, Yi-Lei
1995 Theoretical studies of porphyrin analogs and decompositions of transition metal-alkyl complexesChan, Kyle W. K
2007 Theoretical studies on bonding in platinum boryl and metallabenzene complexes and mechanisms of ruthenium/osmium mediated allene insertion reactions and molybdenum/tungsten catalyzed alkyne metathesisZhu, Jun
2011 Theoretical studies on palladium mediated or catalyzed C-C coupling reactionsXue, Liqin
2002 Theoretical studies on reactions of late transition metal complexes and stabilities of osmabenzynesNg, Sze Ming
2006 Theoretical studies on structural and mechanistic aspects of transition-metal catalyzed reactionsLam, King Chung
2007 Theoretical studies on the mechanistic aspects of metal mediated reactionsZhang, Xin-Hao
1999 Theoretical studies on the structural aspects of transition metal alkenyl, alkylidene and alkylidyne complexesChoi, Sai-Heung
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