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Date of IssueTitle Authors
2003 Fabrication of zeolite microsystems and their applicationsLai, Sau Man
2001 Fabrication process for passive matrix organic lighting emitting devicesChu, Ka Lun
Jan-2007 Fabrication technology of piezoresistive conductive PDMS for micro fingerprint sensorsLu, Miao; Bermak, Amine; Lee, Yi-Kuen
2006 Face recognition using a kernel fractional-step discriminant analysis algorithmDai, Guang; Yeung, Dit-Yan; Qian, Yun-Tao
Apr-2006 Face recognition with image sets using hierarchically extracted exemplars from appearance manifoldsFan, Wei; Yeung, Dit-Yan
Oct-2006 Facial expression recognition using advanced local binary patterns, Tsallis entropies and global appearance featuresLiao, Shu; Fan, Wei; Chung, Albert C. S.; Yeung, Dit-Yan
2010 Facile hydrothermal preparation of hierarchically assembled, porous single-crystalline ZnO nanoplates and their application in dye-sensitized solar cellsQiu, Yongcai; Chen, Wei; Yang, Shihe
Jun-2012 Facilitating and promoting innovative entrepreneurship in Hong Kong: theory and practiceSharif, Naubahar
Aug-1996 Facilitating sales processes in industrial markets : managing intra-organizational diffusion of innovationsKim, Namwoon; Srivastava, Rajendra K.
Jan-2011 Facilitating students’ intellectual growth in information literacy teachingWong, Gabrielle K. W.
2008 The factorization of certain meromorphic functionsFeng, Can Qiao
1993 Factorization of meromorphic functions in several complex variablesLi, Bao Qin; Yang, Chung-Chun
2005 Factors and mechanisms controlling bromate removal by zerovalent ironXie, Li
Oct-1996 Factors impeding market share growth of supermarkets : food retail modernization in Hong KongGoldman, Arieh; Krider, Robert E.; Ramaswami, Seshan
2010 Factors influencing complaint behaviour in humans subjected to low frequency random building motionMichaels, Marianne Nannette
2008 Facultative sex modelCheung, Kai Chung
2003 The failure analysis of FRP strengthened concrete beamYang, Yong
Feb-2007 Failure diagrams of FRP strengthened RC beamsGao, Bo; Leung, Christopher K. Y.; Kim, Jang-Kyo
2006 Failure-induced interorganizational learning : entry and survival analysis of Japanese firms in China, 1980-2000Yang, Jing Yu
2011 Failure proximity for context-aware applicationsGao, Liping
1999 Failure studies of ferroelectric ceramicsFu, Ran
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