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Date of IssueTitle Authors
11-Mar-2009 Market predictability and non-informational tradingHendershott, Terrence; Seasholes, Mark S.
2010 The Market Response to Implied Debt Covenant ViolationsStice, Derrald E
1996 Market segmentation and relative supply of domestic and foreign shares : evidence from China stock marketChan, Kalok; Kwok, Kam Hong
May-2004 Mark my words : technologies for supporting, managing and responding to student writingMilton, John C. P.
May-1997 Markov chain monte carlo and models of consideration set and parameter heterogeneityChiang, Jeongwen; Chib, Siddhartha; Narasimhan, Chakravarthi
2003 Markov decision problem based on a two-level systemHuang, Jin
2005 A Markov random field formulation for dense photometric stereo : theory, practice and applicationsTang, Kam-Lun
Sep-2011 Marriage and land property: bilateral non-lineal kinship and communal authority of the Lahu on the south-west Yunnan frontier, ChinaMa, Jianxiong
2010 Mars : accelerating MapReduce with graphics processorsFang, Wenbin
2013 Mass spectrometry-based proteomic data analysisYang, Chao
2002 Mass transfer modeling for fixed bed sorption of metal ions on bone charKo, Danny Chun Kin
2009 Mass transport during step motion on the Si(111) (1x1) surface studied by low energy electron microscopyPang, Angbo
2003 Matching leadership styles with employment modes : strategic HRM perspectiveTakeuchi, Riki; Liu, Wei; Lepak, David P.; Sims Jr., Henry P.
2002 Match propagation for image-based modeling and renderingLhuillier, Maxime; Quan, Long
1999 Material-based cloth draping simulationWu, Zhuang
1998 Material development and process optimization of Laminated Object Modeling processMak, Ka Yee
2002 Materials development and electrochemical characterization of polymer electrolyte fuel cellsWang, Xin
2006 Materials science in pre-plated leadframes for electronic packagesLiu, Lilin
2010 Maternal health knowledge and calcium deficiency among children in ChinaYang, Fan
Apr-1999 Mathematical expression recognition : a surveyChan, Kam-Fai; Yeung, Dit-Yan
2009 Mathematical modeling of two-phase mass transport in liquid-feed direct methanol fuel cellsYang, Weiwei
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