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Date of IssueTitle Authors
2009 Joint routing and resource allocation in multihop wireless networkLuo, Lu
23-Jul-2013 Joint semantic segmentation of images and scan dataZhang, Hong-hui; Quan, Long
2000 Joint space-time interference cancellation receivers with simplified complexity using pre-beamformingLeung, Lydia Lap Wai
Sep-2010 Joint spectrum allocation and relay selection in cellular cognitive radio networksZhang, Tengyi; Wu, Yuan; Lang, Ke; Tsang, Danny H. K.
Mar-2010 Joint spectrum allocation and relay selection in cellular cognitive radio networksLang, Ke; Wu, Yuan; Tsang, Danny H. K.
2001 Joint time-frequency distributions for economic data analysisSharif, Md. Raihan
2007 Joint topology control and routing in IEEE 802.11-based multiradio multichannel mesh networksChen, Lin; Zhang, Qian; Li, Minglu; Jia, Weijia
Jul-2007 Josephson Effect for superconductors lacking time-reversal and inversion symmetriesLoridon, Brigette; Ng, Tai-Kai; Varma, C. M.
2009 Journal impact assessment : methodology and experimentsWen, Qi
Dec-1997 A judgment construction perspective of post-challenge brand evaluationMuthukrishnan, A. V.; Pham, Michel Tuan; Mungale, Amitabh
29-Nov-2013 JULAC Common Card ProjectLam, Ki-Tat; Li, Yiu On
2007 The Julia sets of certain classes of permutable entire functionsSo, Hon Chung
1997 Jürgen Habermas' communicative theory : a theory leading to liberation or domination?Leung, Joanna Wai Sze
Dec-2005 JURO : creating the journal usage report online systemLam, Ki-Tat
May-2004 Just-in-time : better teaching in Hong kongFleischer, Rudolf H.
2008 Just-in-time processing of continuous queriesYin, Yang; Papadias, Dimitris
Mar-2010 Kalman filtering over a packet-dropping network : a probabilistic perspectiveShi, Ling; Epstein, Michael; Murray, Richard M.
Sep-2009 Kalman filtering over graphs : theory and applicationsShi, Ling
Feb-2000 Keiretsu and relationship-specific investment : a barrier to trade?Spencer, Barbara J.; Qiu, Larry Dongxiao
2007 A kernel approach for semisupervised metric learningYeung, Dit-Yan
2008 Kernel-based clustering and low rank approximationZhang, Kai
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