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Date of IssueTitle Authors
Jan-2010 A hybrid CMOS DPS with conditional data readout schemeLau, Ka Lai; Léomant, Sylvain; Bermak, Amine
1996 A hybrid model for the merging of jets in a coflowing ambient fluidWang, Ying
2007 Hybrid nanocomposites containing carbon nanotubes and graphite nanoplateletsLi, Jing; Wong, Pui-Shan; Kim, Jang-Kyo
2009 Hybrid rate adaptation in vehicular networksLiu, Ce
1996 Hybrid sampling : wavetable synthesis of musical instrument tones with genetic algorithmsYuen, Jennifer Wing-tak
1998 Hydride and acetylene chemistry of cyclopentadienyl group 8 metal complexesNg, Weng-Sang
Oct-2008 Hydrodynamic interactions in dissipative particle dynamicsLi, Zhigang; Drazer, German
2001 Hydrogen and proton transport properties of nanoporous zeolite micromembranesChau, J. L. H.; Leung, A. Y. L.; Shing, M. B.; Yeung, King-Lun; Chan, Chi-Ming
2001 Hydrogen permeation through α-iron and the influence of trappingWat, Iva Ching On
2005 Hydrogen peroxide assisted heterogeneous photocatalytic oxidation of salicylic acid with novel oscillatory flow photocatalytic reactorLee, Michael Ho Kei
May-2009 Hydrophobic self assembly molecular layer for reliable Cu-epoxy interfaceYuen, Matthew Ming-Fai; Wong, Cell K. Y.
Aug-2009 Hydrophobic self-assembly monolayer structure for reduction of interfacial moisture diffusionFan, Haibo; Wong, Cell K. Y.; Yuen, Matthew Ming-Fai
2003 Hydropower, relocation and tourism : Xinfengjiang Reservoir and the politics of environmentalism in Northeast Guangdong Province, ChinaOu, Donghong
2004 Hydrothermal crystallization of organic compoundsShek, Lai Yung
2009 Hydrothermal synthesis of chiral metal-organic frameworks and photo-chromic materialsPang, Ka Chuen
2004 Hydrothermal synthesis of metal carboxylate polymers using high coordination umber metalsTse, Hiu Wah
2005 Hydrothermal synthesis of metal coordination polymers using mixed pyridine-carboxylate ligandsLin, Zhuojia
2001 Hydrothermal synthesis of organically modified metal phosphates and boratesSung, Ho Yung
2000 Hydrothermal synthesis of organically modified transition metal vanadatesLaw, Sui Chun
2011 Hydrothermal synthesis, structure and properties of lanthanide polybenzoates and related polymersChoi, Chun Lung
2004 Hygroscopicity and phase transition of atmospheric aerosolsChoi, Man Yee
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