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Date of IssueTitle Authors
Feb-2010 A capacitor-less CMOS active feedback low-dropout regulator with slew-rate enhancement for portable on-chip applicationHo, Edward N. Y.; Mok, Philip
2000 Capacity and failure criteria of bored piles in soils and rocksYau, Terence Lap Yan
2003 A capacity estimation technique for JPEG-to-JPEG image watermarkingWong, Hon Wah; Au, Oscar C.
2008 Capacity of large scale wireless networks under Gaussian channel modelLi, Shi; Liu, Yunhao; Li, Xiang-Yang
Jun-2010 Capacity scaling in mobile wireless ad hoc network with infrastructure supportHuang, Wentao; Wang, Xinbing; Zhang, Qian
1995 Capillary-gravity waves in an elastic basinWong, Tak Cheung
19-Jul-2001 Capital flows, capital controls, and exchange rate policyCook, David E.; Devereux, Michael B.
Apr-2003 Capital structure decisionsFrank, Murray Z.; Goyal, Vidhan K.
2009 Capital structure decisions : which factors are reliably important?Goyal, Vidhan K.; Frank, Murray Z.
24-Jan-2002 Caps and swapsKwok, Yue Kuen
2008 Carbon content of common airborne fungal species and fungal contribution to aerosol organic carbon in a subtropical cityCheng, Yuen Wah; Chan, Chak-Keung; Lee, C.-T.; Lau, Arthur P. S.
2007 Carbon nanotube based advanced thin interface materials for thermal managementTse, Ka Chun
2009 Carbon nanotube grinding wheel for nano machining of engineering and biomedical materialsYou, Jiali
2005 Carbon nanotube : manufacturing process design and its use in gas sensorsMa, Anson Wing Kui
2008 Carbon nanotube thermal interface material and its application in high brightness LED packagesZhang, Kai
2004 Cardiac motion estimation with finite deformation and composite material modelsWong, Chun Lok
2000 Cardiac Troponin I--a new cardiac marker for heat attack : clinical relevance, antibody production, characterization and immunotestingTse, Chi-Hang
1996 Cardioprotective effect of lignan-enriched Sheng Mai SanLi, Pui-chun
2008 Cardioprotective effects of herba cistanche on ischemia/reperfusion injury ex vivo and oxidative injury in vitroSiu, Ada Hoi Ling
2003 Cardioprotective mechanisms of schisandrin B : enhancement of mitochondrial glutathione antioxidant system and induction of heat shock proteinsChiu, Po Yee
1999 Caring mother, coquette, confidante : emotional labor, the labor intimacy of the Cantonese and Putonghua teachers for their global elite clientsChow, Domio King-Kan
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