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Date of IssueTitle Authors
1999 Abstract voronoi diagram in 3-spaceLè‚, Ngoc-Minh
Jun-2005 Abundance and sources of ambient dioxins in Hong KongTung, Joanne Wai Ting; Yu, Jianzhen; Lau, Alexis Kai-Hon; Louie, Peter K. K.
2010 Accelerated genetic algorithms with Markov ChainsWang, Guan; Chen, Chen; Szeto, Kwok-Yip
Dec-2009 Accelerated gradient method for multi-task sparse learning problemChen, Xi; Pan, Weike; Kwok, James Tin-Yau; Carbonell, J. G.
Dec-2009 Accelerated gradient methods for stochastic optimization and online learningHu, Chonghai; Kwok, James Tin-Yau; Pan, Weike
2012 Accelerating genome sequence analysisLu, Mian
2012 Accelerating genomic sequence compression with graphics processorsTan, Yuwei
2012 Accelerating site frequency spectrum estimation with graphics processorsZhao, Jiuxin
1996 Access algorithms for packetized transmission in frequency reuse environmentsSrivastava, Arty
Jun-2005 Access control in peer-to-peer collaborative systemsZhang, Yu; Li, Xianxian; Huai, Jinpeng; Liu, Yunhao
1997 Accountability-centered approach for business process reengineeringLee, Sau Ling
2004 Accounting conservatism and its implication on valuation in commercial banksLi, Jing
2002 Accounting for the East Asian crisis : a quantitative model of capital outflows in small open economiesCook, David E.; Devereux, Michael B.
2012 Accurate indoor tracking in WLANs with reduced calibration effortZhang, Ying
2011 Accurate indoor WLAN localization with reduced calibration via machine learning and convex optimizationOuyang, Wentao
4-Jul-2006 Acetylene polymers and their use as liquid crystalsTang, Ben-Zhong; Lam, Wing Yip; Kong, Xiangxing; Kwok, Hoi-Sing
1994 ACHE-finite state machine : modelling, execution and analysisChan, Ka Keung
1999 Achievable QOS for multiple delay classes in cellular TDMA environmentTong, Ka-man
2004 Achieving developability of a polygonal surface by minimum deformation : a study of global and local optimization approachesTang, Kai; Wang, Charlie C. L.
2008 Achieving new developments in DNA nanotechnology by means of DNA self-assemblyCheng, Jie
2011 Acid-catalyzed heterogeneous reaction of [Beta]-caryophylleneYuan, Mingyue
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