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Date of IssueTitle Authors
2011 Geodesic iso-contours, bisectors and voronoi diagrams on triangulated meshes and their applicationsChen, Zhanqing
2003 Geometric ad-hoc routing : of theory and practiceKuhn, Fabian; Wattenhofer, Roger; Zhang, Yan; Zollinger, Aaron
12-Sep-2003 Geometric construction of the quantum Hall effect in all even dimensionMeng, Guo-Wu
18-Dec-2008 Geometric frustration in buckled colloidal monolayersHan, Yilong; Shokef, Yair; Alsayed, Ahmed M.; Yunker, Peter; Lubensky, T. C.; Yodh, Arjun G.
2000 Geometric measures on convex setsChan, Chiu
2004 A geometric method for determining intersection relations between a movable convex object and a set of planar polygonsTang, Kai; Liu, Yong-Jin
1997 Geometric reasoning for optimizing backward growing-based feature recognitionJoneja, Ajay
2000 Geometric techniques for control of a 2-DOF spherical inverted pendulumYang, Rong
2007 A geometric theory for synthesis, analysis and design of sub-6 DoF parallel manipulatorsMeng, Jian
2002 Geometry, dynamics and control of parallel manipulatorsYiu, Yiu Kuen
2000 Geotechnical and environmental assessment of sewage sludge disposal in landfillsZhou, Wen Wen
2005 Gerbes over orbifolds and twisted orbifold Gromov-Witten invariantsYin, Xiaoqin
3-May-2006 GFP-based methods for detecting apoptosisChang, Donald C. (張東才); Luo, Kathy Q. (羅茜)
2000 Ghosts, gods and pirates : local elite and popular religion in South ChinaMa, Jianxiong
19-Jul-2010 Giant electrorheological effect : a microscopic mechanismChen, Shuyu; Huang, Xianxiang; Vegt van der, Nico F. A.; Wen, Wei-Jia; Sheng, Ping
1998 Giant magneto-impedance effects in soft ferromagnetic materialsNie, Hongbin
4-Dec-2009 Ginzburg-Landau theory of dirty two band s± superconductorsNg, Tai-Kai
1-Aug-2011 Glass transitions in quasi-two-dimensional suspensions of colloidal ellipsoidsZheng, Zhongyu; Wang, Feng; Han, Yilong
11-Apr-2013 A Glimpse on the use of e-resources: sharing HKUST's experiencesChan, Diana L. H.
2011 Global business, local politics : essays on foreign direct investment in ChinaLi, Bing
24-Jan-2002 Global convertible marketsKwok, Yue Kuen
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