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Date of IssueTitle Authors
6-May-1998 Weighted probabilities in tacit coordination under uncertainty : theory and evidence from market entry gamesRapoport, Amnon; Seale, Darryl A.; Ordonez, Lisa
1999 A weight-partitioned inverted file structure for text retrievalWu, Jun
1993 Welcome to the Internet : help for librariansSpodick, Edward F.
2009 Weng Fanggang shi lun yan jiuYip, Cheuk Wai (葉倬瑋)
2011 Wen zi yu tu xiang de 'chu wei zhi si' : yan jiu Wang Wuxie, Kunnan ji Liu Yichang kan yu 'Xianggang shi bao, Qianshuiwan' (1960.2.15-1962.6.30) de zao qi chuang zuoYip, Suk Man (葉淑敏)
2009 Wettability tuning by surface modificationZhang, Xueyun
2010 What affective feelings do Chinese people want to feel?Jiang, Da
Aug-2000 What are the determinants of the location of foreign direct investment? The Chinese experienceCheng, Leonard Kwok-Hon; Kwan, Yum K.
2005 What drives migration and who migrates : migration selectivity in the late 1990s in ChinaTang, Jialong
2002 What is an international language?Lam, Jacqueline Kam-Mei
Jun-1999 What is the value of international e-mail groups for ESL learners?Mak, Linda Yeung-Oi
13-Jun-2012 What makes efficient circularly polarised luminescence in the condensed phase: aggregation-induced circular dichroism and light emissionLiu, Jianzhao; Su, Huimin; Meng, Luming; Zhao, Yihua; Deng, Chunmei; Ng, Jason C. Y.; Lu, Ping; Faisal, Mahtab; Lam, Jacky W. Y.; Huang, Xuhui; Wu, Hongkai; Wong, Kam-Sing; Tang, Ben-Zhong
Apr-1997 What price for fairness? A bargaining studyZwick, Rami; Chen, Xiao-Ping
6-Mar-1998 What robots can do : robot programs and effective achievabilityLin, Fangzhen; Levesque, Hector
Oct-1994 What should we tell customers in different waiting durations : behavioral mechanisms and service evaluationHui, Michael K.; Tse, David K.
Mar-2010 What values do parents want to socialize in their children : the role of perceived normative valuesTam, Kevin K. P.; Lee, Sau-lai
12-Dec-2001 What will we remember? : cognition, communication, and emotion as foundations of lifelong learningKatzenstein, Gary J.
20-Dec-1996 When do price promotions affect pre-trial brand evaluations?Raghubir, Priya; Corfman, Kim
2001 Which development polic[i]es promote growth? : evidence from China's provinces, 1978-1999Sun, Meng
2011 Which one matters to growth, administrative vs. fiscal decentralization? empirical evidences from Chinese countiesChen, Ting
2012 White organic light-emitting diodes for solid-state lighting and flat-panel display applicationsChen, Shuming
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