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Title: Breit interaction, level spacing statistics, and far-infrared absorption in small metal clusters
Authors: Yi, Lin
Sheng, Ping
Keywords: Optical properties
Spin-orbit effects
Electron-electron interactions
Level spacing statistics
Breit interaction
Issue Date: 1995
Abstract: By considering Coulomb and Breit interactions between the electrons, we derive for the first time the variational Breit-Hartree-Fock (BHF) equation. The Breit interaction has two energy scales; one corresponds with the weak magnetic spin-spin and spin-orbit interactions, and the other corresponds with the tensorial exchange potential, which is on the same order as the Coulomb interaction. For small randomly-shaped jellium clusters with up to 276-electrons, we solved numerically the BHF equation. The calculated level spacing statistics is found to differ qualitatively from the Wigner distribution and better correspond with the Poisson distribution. In particular, the prediction of significantly enhanced far-infrared absorption is in excellent accord with experimental observations. Breit interaction is identified as key to the semi-metallic behavior persistent in small metal clusters at energy scales much lower than the average level spacing.
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