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Title: Photoluminescence from the nitrogen-perturbed above-bandgap states in dilute GaAs1–xNx alloys: A microphotoluminescence study
Authors: Tan, P. H.
Luo, X. D.
Xu, Z. Y.
Zhang, Y.
Mascarenhas, A.
Xin, H. P.
Tu, C. W.
Ge, Wei-Kun
Keywords: Gallium compounds
Gallium arsenide
III-V semiconductors
Energy gap
Conduction bands
Semiconductor doping
Issue Date: 27-May-2006
Citation: Physical review. B, v. 73, 205205 (2006)
Abstract: Using microphotoluminescence (µ-PL), in dilute N GaAs1–xNx alloys, we observe a PL band far above the bandgap E0 with its peak energy following the so-called E+ transition, but with contribution from perturbed GaAs host states in a broad spectral range (>100 meV). This finding is in sharp contrast to the general understanding that E+ is associated with a well-defined conduction band level (either L1c or Nx). Beyond this insight regarding the strong perturbation of the GaAs band structure caused by N incorporation, we demonstrate that a small amount of isoelectronic doping in conjunction with µ-PL allows direct observation of above-bandgap transitions that are not usually accessible by PL.
Rights: Physical Review B © copyright (2006) American Physical Society. The Journal's web site is located at
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