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Title: Continuous catalytic wet air oxidation of phenol in a pilot plant scale trickle bed reactor
Authors: Wu, Qiang
Yue, Po-Lock
Hu, Xijun
Keywords: Wet air oxidation
Trickle bed reactor
Issue Date: 2000
Citation: Proceedings of the 3rd Asia-Pacific Conference on Sustainable Energy and Environmental Technologies, Hong Kong, 3-6 December 2000, p. 45-50
Abstract: The catalyic oxidation of phenol was studied in a pilot plant scale 'trickle bed reactor' (TBR). The TBR should be easy to scale up, design and optimize for large-scale treatment of industrial wastewater. In the TBR, wastewater flowing down the reactor that is packed with a bed of catalyst particles comes into intimate contact with the upcoming air. This type of reactor allows for efficient mass transfer between the gas, liquid and solid phases. The catalyst particles remain intact and do not suffer from attrition, a problem that is inherent with reactor (bubble column or slurry reactor) in which agitation is used for enhancing mass transfer. The TBR can be readily modeled for the purpose of scale-up, design and optimization. The performance of a copper catalyst supported on activated carbon for the oxidation of phenol was first evaluated in a batch reactor and subsequently in the pilot plant scale trickle bed reactor. Results on the treatment of a simulated phenol waste show extremely good performance. The temperature required for COD removal is only 150℃ at a pressure of 1 MPa, which is considerably lower than that used in conventional Wet Air Oxidation (WAO) processes. The reactor is ideal for industrial WAO and large-scale applications.
Rights: Definitive revsion of this article was published in Proceedings of the 3rd Asia-Pacific Conference on Sustainable Energy and Environmental Technologies, 3-6 December 2000, P. 45-50. © copyright World Scientific Publishing Company.
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