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Title: Regulation of G2/M cell cycle DNA damage checkpoints
Authors: Arooz, Talha M.
Chan, Ho Yee
Lau, Anita W. S.
Leung, Ka Man
Po, Lai See
Siu, Wai Yi
Tsang, Fan Cheung
Poon, Randy Y. C.
Keywords: Cell cycle checkpoints
G2/M DNA damage checkpoint
Issue Date: 2001
Citation: Proceedings advanced study institute on molecular genetic basis of cancer, Hong Kong, 6-12 Jan. 2001, HKUST, Hong Kong, 2001, p. 230-243
Abstract: Deregulation of the cell cycle checkpoints is a key step in tumorigenesis. we present evidence that apart from CDC25, WEE1 may also be important for the G2/M DNA damage checkpoints. ING1 is a candidate tumor suppressor that cooperates with p53 to inhibit cell proliferation. We show that ING1 can regulate the cell cycle and the DNA damage responses at G2/M phase independent of p53 functions. ING1b enhanced the p53-independent G2/M DNA damage checkpoint induced by adriamycin, but did not affect the G1 DNA damage checkpoint. No significant transactivation of p21CIP1/WAF1 and MDM2 by ING1 in the absence of p53 was observed, suggesting that mechanisms involving activation of p53-related proteins are unlikely to contribute to the G2/M cell cycle arrest caused by ING1b. These data provide evidence of the involvement of WEE1 and ING1 in the G2/M DNA damage checkpoint. Understanding precisely how these proteins regulate the cell cycle and checkpoints may shed light on the mechanism of tumorigenesis.
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