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Jan-2007 Fabrication technology of piezoresistive conductive PDMS for micro fingerprint sensorsLu, Miao; Bermak, Amine; Lee, Yi-Kuen
Jun-2009 Thin photo-patterned micropolarizer array for CMOS image sensorsZhao, Xiaojin; Boussaid, Farid; Bermak, Amine; Chigrinov, Vladimir G.
Oct-2009 Characterization of a logarithmic spike timing encoding scheme for a 4 x 4 tin oxide gas sensor arrayNg, Kwan Ting; Guo, Bin; Bermak, Amine; Martinez, Dominique; Boussaid, Farid
Oct-2009 A CMOS image sensor with reconfigurable resolution for energy harvesting applicationsShi, Chao; Law, Man Kay; Bermak, Amine
Nov-2009 Compressive acquisition CMOS image sensor using on-line sorting schemeZhang, Milin; Bermak, Amine
Nov-2009 A high-resolution micro-circular-polarization-analyzer array for real-time active circular polarization imagingZhao, Xiaojin; Bermak, Amine; Boussaid, Farid; Yao, Lishuang; Chigrinov, Vladimir G.
Dec-2009 A 405-nW CMOS temperature sensor based on linear MOS operationLaw, Man Kay; Bermak, Amine
2010 Micropolarizing devices for CMOS polarization image sensorsZhao, Xiaojin
2010 Compressive acquisition CMOS image sensor : from algorithm to hardware implementationZhang, Milin
Jan-2010 A hybrid CMOS DPS with conditional data readout schemeLau, Ka Lai; Léomant, Sylvain; Bermak, Amine
Jan-2010 A high-speed 32-bit signed/unsigned pipelined multiplierLi, Qingzheng; Liang, Guixuan; Bermak, Amine
Jan-2010 A smart CMOS image sensor with on-chip hot pixel correcting readout circuit for biomedical applicationsCao, Yuan; Tang, Fang; Bermak, Amine; Le, Thinh M.
Jan-2010 Read-out circuit analysis for high-speed low-noise VCO based APS CMOS image sensorTang, Fang; Bermak, Amine
Feb-2010 A system-on-chip EPC Gen-2 passive UHF RFID tag with embedded temperature sensorYin, Jun; Yi, Jun; Law, Man Kay; Ling, Yunxiao; Lee, Man Chiu; Ng, Kwok Ping; Gao, Bo; Luong, Howard Cam; Bermak, Amine; Chan, Mansun; Ki, Wing-Hung; Tsui, Chi-Ying; Yuen, Matthew Ming-Fai
Mar-2010 Compressive acquisition CMOS image sensor : from the algorithm to hardware implementationZhang, Milin; Bermak, Amine
May-2010 Dynamic voltage and frequency scaling for low-power multi-precision reconfigurable multiplierZhang, Xiaoxiao; Bermak, Amine; Boussaid, Farid
May-2010 Liquid-crystal micropolarimeter array for visible linear and circular polarization imagingZhao, Xiaojin; Bermak, Amine; Boussaid, Farid; Chigrinov, Vladimir G.
May-2010 A frequency-based signature gas identification circuit for SnO2 gas sensorsNg, Kwan Ting; Boussaid, Farid; Bermak, Amine
May-2010 A single bit memory per pixel time domain DPS using multi-reset integration schemeLéomant, Sylvain; Wu, Xiaojun; Bermak, Amine
May-2010 An integrated wireless electronic nose system integrating sensing and recognition functionsChen, Hung Tat; Bermak, Amine; Khalifa, Adam; Martinez, Dominique
Jun-2010 A sub-μmW embedded CMOS temperature sensor for RFID food monitoring applicationLaw, Man Kay; Bermak, Amine; Luong, Howard Cam
7-Dec-2010 A compact digital pixel sensor (DPS) using 2T-DRAMZhang, Xiaoxiao; Leomant, Sylvain; Lau, Ka Lai; Bermak, Amine
13-Dec-2010 A low-power hardware-friendly binary decision tree classifier for gas identificationLi, Qingzheng; Bermak, Amine
30-Sep-2011 Glomerular latency coding in artificial olfactionJaber Al Yamani; Farid Boussaid; Bermak, Amine; Martinez, Dominique