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18-Apr-2012 Ankyrin repeat-rich membrane spanning protein (Kidins220) is required for neurotrophin and ephrin receptor-dependent dendrite developmentChen, Yu; Fu, Ada W.-Y.; Ip, Jacque P.K.; Ye, T.; Fu, Amy K. Y.; Chao, M.V.; Ip, Nancy Y.
Aug-2005 Autoinhibition of X11/Mint scaffold proteins revealed by the closed conformation of the PDZ tandemLong, Jiafu; Feng, Wei; Wang, Rui; Chan, Ling-Nga; Ip, Fanny C. F.; Xia, Jun; Ip, Nancy Y.; Zhang, Mingjie
2003 Cdk5 : a new player at synapsesIp, Nancy Y.; Cheng, Kai
Apr-2007 Cdk5 is involved in BDNF-stimulated dendritic growth in hippocampal neuronsCheung, Zelda H.; Chin, Wing Hong; Chen, Yu; Ng, Yu Pong; Ip, Nancy Y.
Jan-2007 Cdk5 regulates EphA4-mediated dendritic spine retraction through an ephexin1-dependent mechanismFu, Wing Yu; Chen, Yu; Sahin, Mustafa; Zhao, Xioaosu; Shi, Lei; Bikoff, Jay B.; Lai, Kwok On; Yung, Wingho; Fu, Amy K. Y.; Greenberg, Michael E.; Ip, Nancy Y.
28-Jul-2011 Cdk5-mediated phosphorylation of axin directs axon formation during cerebral cortex developmentFang, Weiqun; Ip, Jacque P.K.; Li, Rui; Ng, Y.P.; Lin, S.C.; Chen, Yu; Fu, Amy K.Y.; Ip, Nancy Y.
19-Apr-2010 Cdk5-mediated phosphorylation of δ -catenin regulates its localization and GluR2-mediated synaptic activityPoore, C.P.; Sundaram, J.R.; Pareek, T.K.; Fu, Amy K.Y.; Amin, N.; Mohamed, N.E.; Zheng, Y.; Goh, A.X.H.; Lai, M.K.; Ip, Nancy Y.; Pant, H.C.; Kesavapany, S.
Dec-2004 Cdk5/p35 phosphorylates mSds3 and regulates mSds3-mediated repression of transcriptionLi, Zhen; David, Gregory; Hung, Kwok-Wang; DePinho, Ronald A.; Fu, Amy K. Y.; Ip, Nancy Y.
May-2008 Cyclin-dependent kinase 5 supports neuronal survival through phosphorylation of Bcl-2Cheung, Zelda H.; Gong, Ke; Ip, Nancy Y.
8-Feb-2012 Cyclin-dependent kinase 5 – an emerging player in Parkinson’s disease pathophysiologyCheung, Zelda H.; Ip, Nancy Y.
Jan-2009 Differential and synergistic effect of nerve growth factor and cAMP on the regulation of early response genes during neuronal differentiationNg, Yu Pong; Wu, Zhenguo; Wise, Helen; Tsim, Karl Wah-Keung; Wong, Yung-Hou; Ip, Nancy Y.
2-Oct-2012 DNA sequence encoding a retinoic acid regulated proteinIp, Nancy Y.; Cheung, William M. W.
2-Oct-2007 DNA sequence encoding a retinoic acid regulated proteinIp, Nancy Y.; Cheung, William M. W.
3-Sep-2008 Endophilin B1 as a novel regulator of nerve growth factor/TrkA trafficking and neurite outgrowthWan, Jun; Cheung, Anthony Yik-Hang; Fu, Wing Yu; Wu, Chengbiao; Zhang, Mingjie; Mobley, William C.; Cheung, Zelda H.; Ip, Nancy Y.
27-May-2003 Fritillaria species identificationTsim, Karl Wah-Keung; Ip, Nancy Y.; Sucher, Nikolaus J.
6-Jan-2011 From understanding synaptic plasticity to the development of cognitive enhancersChueng, Zelda H.; Ip, Nancy Y.
8-Nov-2010 In vitro intestinal absorption and first-pass intestinal and hepatic metabolism of cycloastragenol, a potent small molecule telomerase activatorZhu, Jessie J.; Lee, S.; Ho, Maurice K.C.; Hu, Sharry Y.Q.; Pang, Tracy H.H.; Ip, Fanny C.F.; Chin, A.C.; Harley, C.B.; Ip, Nancy Y.; Wong, Y.H.
2002 Integration of signals from receptor tyrosine kinases and g protein-coupled receptorsLowes, Vicki L.; Ip, Nancy Y.; Wong, Yung-Hou
Oct-2007 JAK1–STAT1–STAT3, a key pathway promoting proliferation and preventing premature differentiation of myoblastsSun, Luguo; Ma, Kewei; Wang, Haixia; Xiao, Fang; Gao, Yan; Zhang, Wei; Wang, Ke-Peng; Gao, Xiang; Ip, Nancy Y.; Wu, Zhenguo
Sep-2004 Melia toosendan regulates PC12 cell differentiation via the activation of protein kinase A and extracellular signal-regulated kinasesIp, Nancy Y.; Yu, Jowie C. H.; Min, Zhi-da
Jun-2009 Multiple Gi proteins participate in nerve growth factor-induced activation of c-Jun N-terminal kinases in PC12 cellsTso, Ha; Morris, Christina J.; Yung, Lisa Y.; Ip, Nancy Y.; Wong, Yung-Hou
Aug-2008 Nerve growth factor-induced stimulation of p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase in PC12 cells is partially mediated via Gi/o proteinsYung, Lisa Y.; Tso, Ha; Wu, H. T.; Yu, C. H.; Ip, Nancy Y.; Wong, Yung-Hou
4-Apr-2006 Neurotrophin NT-7 from carpIp, Nancy Y.; Lai, Kwok On