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Apr-1999 Design and analysis of a microgyroscope with sol–gel piezoelectric plateHe, Guohong; Nguyen, Christopher C. T.; Hui, Jane C. M.; Lee, Ricky Shi-Wei; Luong, Howard Cam
5-Feb-2002 Switched-opamp technique for low-voltage switched capacitor circuitsCheung, Sin Luen; Luong, Howard Cam
25-Mar-2003 Phase-locked loop circuitLo, Chi Wa; Luong, Howard Cam
14-Dec-2004 Low voltage high-speed frequency-divider circuitCheung, Sin Luen; Luong, Howard Cam; Wong, Man-Chun
2007 A 3.1-8.0 GHz MB-OFDM UWB transceiver in 0.18μm CMOSZheng, Hui; Lou, Shuzuo; Lu, Dongtian; Shen, Cheng; Chan, Tat Fu; Luong, Howard Cam
11-Sep-2007 Dual-mode voltage controlled oscillator using integrated variable inductorsLeung, Lai Kan; Luong, Howard Cam
31-Oct-2007 A switched-opamp technique for low-voltage switched-capacitor circuitsCheung, Sin Luen; Luong, Howard Cam
2008 A linearization technique for RF receiver front-end using second-order-intermodulation injectionLou, Shuzuo; Luong, Howard Cam
2008 Ultra-low-voltage 20-GHz frequency dividers using transformer feedback in 0.18-μm CMOS processZheng, Hui; Luong, Howard Cam
2008 A single-chip UHF RFID reader in 0.18 μm CMOS processWang, Wenting; Lou, Shuzuo; Chui, Kay; Rong, Sujiang; Lok, Chi Fung; Zheng, Hui; Chan, Hin-Tat; Man, Sau Wing; Luong, Howard Cam; Lau, Vincent K. N.; Tsui, Chi-Ying
12-Aug-2008 Low voltage low-phase-noise oscillatorLuong, Howard Cam; Kwok, Ka Chun
2009 0.9mW 7GHz and 1.6mW 60GHz frequency dividers with locking-range enhancement in 0.13μm CMOSRong, Sujiang; Ng, A. W. L.; Luong, Howard Cam
4-Feb-2009 A switched-opamp technique for low-voltage switched capacitor circuitsLuong, Howard Cam; Cheung, Sin Luen
26-Jan-2010 Dual-mode voltage-controlled oscillatorLuong, Howard Cam; Leung, Lai Kan
Feb-2010 A system-on-chip EPC Gen-2 passive UHF RFID tag with embedded temperature sensorYin, Jun; Yi, Jun; Law, Man Kay; Ling, Yunxiao; Lee, Man Chiu; Ng, Kwok Ping; Gao, Bo; Luong, Howard Cam; Bermak, Amine; Chan, Mansun; Ki, Wing-Hung; Tsui, Chi-Ying; Yuen, Matthew Ming-Fai
May-2010 A 24-GHz and 60-GHz dual-band standing-wave VCO in 0.13μm CMOS processWu, Liang; Ng, Alan W. L.; Leung, Lincoln L. K.; Luong, Howard Cam
Jun-2010 A sub-μmW embedded CMOS temperature sensor for RFID food monitoring applicationLaw, Man Kay; Bermak, Amine; Luong, Howard Cam
Sep-2010 V-band varactor-less interpolative-phase-tuning oscillators with multiphase outputsRong, Sujiang; Luong, Howard Cam
14-Jun-2011 Frequency divider using an injection-locking-range enhancement techniqueLuong, Howard Cam; Rong, Sujiang
25-Dec-2012 Method and apparatus for tuning frequency of LC-oscillators based on phase-tuning techniqueLuong, Howard Cam; Rong, Sujiang