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Oct-2004 Improving eigenspace-based MLLR adaptation by kernel PCAMak, Brian Kan-Wing; Hsiao, Roger
Oct-2004 Speedup of kernel eigenvoice speaker adaptation by embedded kernel PCAMak, Brian Kan-Wing; Ho, Simon; Kwok, Tin-Yau
Mar-2005 Kernel eigenspace-based MLLR adaptation using multiple regression classesHsiao, Roger; Mak, Brian Kan-Wing
Mar-2005 Various reference speakers determination methods for embedded kernel eigenvoice speaker adaptationMak, Brian Kan-Wing; Ho, Simon
Sep-2005 High-density discrete HMM with the use of scalar quantization indexingMak, Brian Kan-Wing; Au Yeung, Siu-Kei; Lai, Yiu-Pong; Siu, Man Hung
Sep-2005 A comparative study of two kernel eigenspace-based speaker adaptation methods on large vocabulary continuous speech recognitionHsiao, Roger; Mak, Brian Kan-Wing
Sep-2005 Pruning hidden Markov models with optimal brain surgeonMak, Brian Kan-Wing; Chan, Kin-Wah
Jul-2006 Embedded kernel eigenvoice speaker adaptation and its implication to reference speaker weightingMak, Brian Kan-Wing; Hsiao, Roger; Ho, Simon; Kwok, James Tin-Yau
Nov-2006 Joint optimization of the frequency-domain and time-domain transformations in deriving generalized static and dynamic MFCCsLai, Yiu-Pong; Siu, Man Hung; Mak, Brian Kan-Wing
Dec-2006 Minimization of utterance verification error rate as a constrained optimization problemSiu, Man Hung; Mak, Brian Kan-Wing; Au, Wing Hei
2007 Robustness of several kernel-based fast adaptation methods on noisy LVCSRMak, Brian Kan-Wing; Hsiao, Roger
Mar-2007 Kernel eigenspace-based MLLR adaptationMak, Brian Kan-Wing; Hsiao, Roger
Sep-2009 Maximum penalized likelihood kernel regression for fast adaptationMak, Brian Kan-Wing; Lai, Tsz-Chung; Tsang, I. W.; Kwok, James Tin-Yau
Mar-2010 Improving speech recognition by explicit modeling of phone deletionsKo, Tom; Mak, Brian Kan-Wing