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2001 Active caching of on-line-analytical-processing queries in WWW proxiesLoukopoulos, Thanasis; Kalnis, Panagiotis; Ahmad, Ishfaq; Papadias, Dimitris
2002 Adaptive index structuresTao, Yufei; Papadias, Dimitris
2002 An adaptive peer-to-peer network for distributed caching of OLAP resultsKalnis, Panagiotis; Ng, Wee Siong; Ooi, Beng Chin; Papadias, Dimitris; Tan, Kian-Lee
Jun-2005 Aggregate nearest neighbor queries in road networksYiu, Man Lung; Mamoulis, Nikos; Papadias, Dimitris
2005 Aggregate nearest neighbor queries in spatial databasesPapadias, Dimitris; Tao, Yufei; Mouratidis, Kyriakos; Hui, Chun Kit
Mar-2002 Aggregate processing of planar pointsTao, Yufei; Papadias, Dimitris; Zhang, Jun
1997 Algorithms for hierarchical spatial reasoningPapadias, Dimitris; Egenhofer, Max J.
1998 Algorithms for querying by spatial structurePapadias, Dimitris; Mamoulis, Nikos; Delis, Vasilis
Jun-2004 All-nearest-neighbors queries in spatial databasesZhang, Jun; Papadias, Dimitris; Mamoulis, Nikos; Tao, Yufei
Mar-2002 Approximate processing of multiway spatial joins in very large databasesPapadias, Dimitris; Arkoumanis, Dinos
2001 Approximate spatio-temporal retrievalPapadias, Dimitris; Mamoulis, Nikos; Delis, Vasilis
Apr-2004 Approximate temporal aggregationTao, Yufei; Papadias, Dimitris; Faloutsos, Christos
1998 Assessing multimedia similarity : A framework for structure and motionDelis, Vasilis; Papadias, Dimitris; Mamoulis, Nikos
2009 Authenticated join processing in outsourced databasesYang, Yin; Papadias, Dimitris; Papadopoulos, Stavros; Kalnis, Panos
May-2007 Branch-and-bound processing of ranked queriesTao, Yufei; Hristidis, Vagelis; Papadias, Dimitris; Papakonstantinou, Yannis
2007 CADS : continuous authentication on data streamsPapadopoulos, Stavros; Yang, Yin; Papadias, Dimitris
Apr-2004 Complex spatial query processingMamoulis, Nikos; Papadias, Dimitris; Arkoumanis, Dinos
2001 Computer supported argumentation and collaborative decision making : the HERMES systemKaracapilidis, Nikos; Papadias, Dimitris
1999 Computer-mediated collaborative decision making : theoretical and implementation issuesKaracapilidis, Nikos; Papadias, Dimitris; Pappis, Costas
Jun-2005 Conceptual partitioning : an efficient method for continuous nearest neighbor monitoringMouratidis, Kyriakos; Hadjieleftheriou, Marios; Papadias, Dimitris
1998 Constraint-based algorithms for computing clique intersection joinsMamoulis, Nikos; Papadias, Dimitris
1999 Content-based retrieval using heuristic searchPapadias, Dimitris; Mantzourogiannis, Marios; Kalnis, Panagiotis; Mamoulis, Nikos; Ahmad, Ishfaq
2008 Continuous k-means monitoring over moving objectsZhang, Zhenjie; Yang, Yin; Tung, Anthony K. H.; Papadias, Dimitris
Sep-2006 Continuous nearest neighbor monitoring in road networksMouratidis, Kyriakos; Yiu, Man Lung; Papadias, Dimitris; Mamoulis, Nikos
Jun-2007 Continuous nearest neighbor queries over sliding windowsMouratidis, Kyriakos; Papadias, Dimitris
2002 Continuous nearest neighbor searchTao, Yufei; Papadias, Dimitris; Shen, Qiongmao
2002 Cost models for overlapping and multi-version B-treesTao, Yufei; Papadias, Dimitris; Zhang, Jun
2002 Cost models for overlapping and multi-version structuresTao, Yufei; Papadias, Dimitris; Zhang, Jun
Oct-2004 An efficient cost model for optimization of nearest neighbor search in low and medium dimensional spacesTao, Yufei; Zhang, Jun; Papadias, Dimitris; Mamoulis, Nikos
2001 Efficient historical R-treesTao, Yufei; Papadias, Dimitris
Jul-2001 Efficient OLAP operations in spatial data warehousesPapadias, Dimitris; Kalnis, Panagiotis; Zhang, Jun; Tao, Yufei
Jul-2003 Evaluation of iceberg distance joinsShou, Yutao; Mamoulis, Nikos; Cao, Huiping; Papadias, Dimitris; Cheung, David W.
2003 Fast retrieval of similar configurationsPapadias, Dimitris; Mantzourogiannis, Marios; Ahmad, Ishfaq
2008 A graph method for keyword-based selection of the top-K databasesVu, Quang Hieu; Ooi, Beng Chin; Papadias, Dimitris; Tung, Anthony K. H.
Apr-2004 Group nearest neighbor queriesPapadias, Dimitris; Shen, Qiongmao; Tao, Yufei; Mouratidis, Kyriakos
1998 Hermes : supporting argumentative discourse in multi-agent decision makingKaracapilidis, Nikos; Papadias, Dimitris
1999 Hierarchical constraint satisfaction in spatial databasesPapadias, Dimitris; Kalnis, Panagiotis; Mamoulis, Nikos
2000 Hill climbing algorithms for content-based retrieval of similar configurationsPapadias, Dimitris
Jan-2005 Historical spatio-temporal aggregationTao, Yufei; Papadias, Dimitris
Mar-2007 HybMig : a hybrid approach to dynamic plan migration for continuous queriesYang, Yin; Krämer, Jürgen; Papadias, Dimitris; Seeger, Bernhard
1998 Image similarity retrieval by spatial constraintsPapadias, Dimitris; Mamoulis, Nikos; Meretakis, Dimitris
1999 Improving search using indexing : a study with temporal CSPsMamoulis, Nikos; Papadias, Dimitris
2002 Indexing and retrieval of historical aggregate information about moving objectsPapadias, Dimitris; Tao, Yufei; Zhang, Jun; Mamoulis, Nikos; Shen, Qiongmao; Sun, Jimeng
2002 Indexing spatio-temporal data warehousesPapadias, Dimitris; Tao, Yufei; Kalnis, Panagiotis; Zhang, Jun
1999 Integration of spatial join algorithms for processing multiple inputsMamoulis, Nikos; Papadias, Dimitris
2008 Just-in-time processing of continuous queriesYin, Yang; Papadias, Dimitris
2009 Kernel-based skyline cardinality estimationZhang, Zhenjie; Yang, Yin; Cai, Ruichu; Papadias, Dimitris; Tung, Anthony K. H.
Jun-2007 Keyword search on relational data streamsMarkowetz, Alexander; Yang, Yin; Papadias, Dimitris
2003 Location-based spatial queriesZhang, Jun; Zhu, Manli; Papadias, Dimitris; Tao, Yufei; Lee, Dik Lun
2009 Minimizing the communication cost for continuous skyline maintenanceZhang, Zhenjie; Cheng, Reynold; Papadias, Dimitris; Tung, Anthony K. H.
2007 Multi-dimensional reverse kNN searchPapadias, Dimitris; Tao, Yufei; Lian, Xiang; Xiao, Xiaokui
2001 Multiway spatial joinsMamoulis, Nikos; Papadias, Dimitris
2001 The MV3R-tree : a spatio-temporal access method for timestamp and interval queriesTao, Yufei; Papadias, Dimitris
18-Sep-1997 On the retrieval of similar configurationsPapadias, Dimitris; Arkoumanis, Dinos; Karacapilidis, Nikos
2003 An optimal and progressive algorithm for skyline queriesPapadias, Dimitris; Tao, Yufei; Fu, Greg; Seeger, Bernhard
Sep-2001 Optimization algorithms for simultaneous multidimensional queries in OLAP environmentsKalnis, Panagiotis; Papadias, Dimitris
May-2002 An overview of data replication on the InternetLoukopoulos, Thanasis; Ahmad, Ishfaq; Papadias, Dimitris
2007 Preventing location-based identity inference in anonymous spatial queriesKalnis, Panagiotis; Ghinita, Gabriel; Mouratidis, Kyriakos; Papadias, Dimitris
1999 Processing and optimization of multiway spatial joins using R-treesPapadias, Dimitris; Mamoulis, Nikos; Theodoridis, Yannis
Mar-1999 Processing fuzzy spatial queries : a configuration similarity approachPapadias, Dimitris; Karacapilidis, Nikos; Arkoumanis, Dinos
Mar-2005 Progressive skyline computation in database systemsPapadias, Dimitris; Tao, Yufei; Fu, Greg; Seeger, Bernhard
2001 Proxy-server architectures for OLAPKalnis, Panagiotis; Papadias, Dimitris
2009 Query by documentYang, Yin; Bansal, Nilesh; Dakka, Wisam; Ipeirotis, Panagiotis; Koudas, Nick; Papadias, Dimitris
2003 Query processing in spatial network databasesPapadias, Dimitris; Zhang, Jun; Mamoulis, Nikos; Tao, Yufei
Apr-2004 Querying about the past, the present, and the fufure in spatio-temporal databasesSun, Jimeng; Papadias, Dimitris; Tao, Yufei; Liu, Bin
Jan-2007 Random sampling for continuous streams with arbitrary updatesTao, Yufei; Lian, Xiang; Papadias, Dimitris; Hadjieleftheriou, Marios
Dec-2004 Range aggregate processing in spatial databasesTao, Yufei; Papadias, Dimitris
2009 Reachability indexes for relational keyword searchMarkowetz, Alexander; Yang, Yin; Papadias, Dimitris
1997 Relation-based similarityPapadias, Dimitris; Delis, Vasilis
Aug-2004 Reverse kNN search arbitrary dimensionalityTao, Yufei; Papadias, Dimitris; Lian, Xiang
Apr-2005 Reverse nearest neighbors in large graphsYiu, Man Lung; Papadias, Dimitris; Mamoulis, Nikos; Tao, Yufei
Jun-2005 RPJ: producing fast join results on streams through rate-based optimizationTao, Yufei; Yiu, Man Lung; Papadias, Dimitris; Hadjieleftheriou, Marios; Mamoulis, Nikos
Oct-2002 Search algorithms for multiway spatial joinsPapadias, Dimitris; Arkoumanis, Dinos
2003 Selectivity estimation for predictive spatio-temporal queriesTao, Yufei; Sun, Jimeng; Papadias, Dimitris
Jul-2001 Selectivity estimation of complex spatial queriesPapadias, Dimitris; Mamoulis, Nikos
2009 Separating authentication from query execution in outsourced databasesPapadopoulos, Stavros; Papadias, Dimitris; Cheng, Weiwei; Tan, Kian-Lee
2003 Slot index spatial joinMamoulis, Nikos; Papadias, Dimitris
2008 Spatial outsourcing for location-based servicesYin, Yang; Papadopoulos, Stavros; Papadias, Dimitris; Kollios, George
2003 Spatial queries in dynamic environmentsTao, Yufei; Papadias, Dimitris
Mar-2004 Spatial queries in the presence of obstaclesZhang, Jun; Papadias, Dimitris; Mouratidis, Kyriakos; Zhu, Manli
Sep-2006 Spatial query estimation without the local uniformity assumptionTao, Yufei; Faloutsos, Christos; Papadias, Dimitris
Jun-2004 Spatial, temporal and spatio-temporal databases - hot issues and directions for PhD researchRoddick, John F.; Hoel, Erik; Egenhofer, Max J.; Papadias, Dimitris; Salzberg, Betty
Apr-2004 Spatio-temporal aggregation using sketchesTao, Yufei; Kollios, George; Condidine, Jeffrey; Li, Feifei; Papadias, Dimitris
Dec-2006 Spatio-temporal join selectivitySun, Jimeng; Tao, Yufei; Papadias, Dimitris; Kollios, George
2002 Time-parameterized queries in spatio-temporal databasesTao, Yufei; Papadias, Dimitris
Apr-2005 Top-k spatial joinsZhu, Manli; Papadias, Dimitris; Zhang, Jun; Lee, Dik Lun
2009 Topologically sorted skylines for partially ordered domainsSacharidis, Dimitris; Papadopoulos, Stavros; Papadias, Dimitris
2003 The TPR*-tree : an optimized spatio-temporal access method for predictive queriesTao, Yufei; Papadias, Dimitris; Sun, Jimeng
2008 Tree-based partition querying : a methodology for computing medoids in large spatial datasetsPapadias, Dimitris; Mouratidis, Kyriakos; Papadimitriou, Spiros
Jul-2003 Validity information retrieval for spatio-temporal queries : theoretical performance boundsTao, Yufei; Mamoulis, Nikos; Papadias, Dimitris
Apr-2005 Venn sampling : a novel prediction technique for moving objectsTao, Yufei; Papadias, Dimitris; Zhai, Jian; Li, Qing
2008 Vertical dimensioning: a novel DRR implementation for efficient fair queueingBakiras, Spiridon; Wang, Feng; Papadias, Dimitris; Hamdi, Mounir
2002 View selection using randomized searchKalnis, Panagiotis; Mamoulis, Nikos; Papadias, Dimitris